Memo 3941-A04

(posted Tuesday, August 24, 2004)

Memo 3941-A04

Ministry of State Security

General Lingeng Lu
Superior for Foreign Division of Superhero Affairs


I am submitting my resignation as commissar for Red Brigade.  For the past several months I have felt my efforts as a leader ineffective in promoting China and our glorious government to American public.  I have instead become what I wished to avoid in my homeland, a political figurehead.  I spend much of my time writing reports of the activities from our rank and file members.  I have grown tired of sitting behind a desk and struggling to maintain order within this group.  They have a strong core of officials that have a intuitive grasp for the villainous dealings of Paragon city.  Because of their excellent intelligence efforts, we have done many great things for the workers of Paragon.  Saving the city many times over where the capitalist founding heroes stood on, watching us prevent disaster after disaster.  I believe Red Brigade will be in competent hands, we have good officers.

I have severe reservations for the fate of CCCP though.  Our commissars have either left to their own tasks, or resigned.  The doctrine of Russian only members of CCCP has seemed to disintegrated with the death of Worker's Champion.  They are in dire need right now to have members strong of faith for the collective ideal.  I wish to simply become a tovarich within their ranks again.

Official ICBM has made request to disband Red Brigade and fold into CCCP.  I agree with this, but many of our members have shown some resistance to this decree.  I tire of such political squabbling.  I feel we have too many individuals unwilling to work as team.  I am now reminded of my days in China as a member of FIST.  I do not wish to relive those stressful times when heroes were torn between duty to the State and friendship. 

Red Brigade has much strength and will which can be positive traits, but I fear that they strive for uniqueness when we need solidarity.  I think Red Brigade will strive and find it's own way and will succeed with new ideas in a new country.  I am simply unable to adapt to this new way of thinking.  I wish to remain just a humble servant to Party and State.

Tovarich and brother,
5 Year Plan