Final Orders

(posted Tuesday, August 24, 2004)

Final Orders

From the silo of Sergei Balderstonov

Comrade Red Menace has returned from beink AWOL.  Is fined 1 weeks pay, and ordered to perform double patrols for 14 days.  Returned to active status, with full rank and privileges of Commissar.

Comrade Mojoitok has returned from emergency medical leave.  Comrade Soviette has declared him fit to return to active duty.   Reinstated as Commissar, with full rank and privileges.

Under CCCP directive 24f, subsection g, I am returnink full command and control of all CCCP America operations to Central Committee.  Please to disregard previous orders by ICBM unless noted by Central Committee.

Sergei Balderstonov, AKA The ICBM
Official CCCP