Report: Red Saviour Has Gone Rogue

(posted Saturday, May 22, 2004)

The wisdom of the world finds the seeker at the strangest times. In the midst of this crisis, I was asked to assume the duties of Commissar in Red Saviour's place. Wanting to honor both my friend and the CCCP, I accepted. One of my first duties was to swear in three new recruits: Sister Soviet, the Tunguska Angel and Ivan Invincible. Upon being sworn in, Sister Soviet made an offhand remark that she had recently teamed up with Red Saviour. Surprised, I took her aside and got her account.

Sister Soviet had been conducting an exploratory patrol of King's Row when a black leather clad figure swooped down in front of her. Her face looked familiar, but the uniform was severe and intimidating, with a glaring skull for an emblem. When the woman spoke, Sister Soviet recognized her at once.

"Comrade sister, I see you wear  colors of  Motherland. I have need of you to strike a blow against Nazis." It was Red Saviour, but surely out of uniform. Sister Soviet asked her about the CCCP, and Red Saviour became angry. "Traitors! They are rotting from within. Alone, I am People's Fist of Righteous Vengeance" -- she spoke it as if it were a title -- "and I take  fight to  source of fascist evil."

Red Saviour had located a hideout of one of the Fifth Column's nefarious Education Officers, one she claimed had a hand in her abduction and brainwashing. Sister Soviet could tell this was a woman bent on revenge, yet felt an obligation to aid her, as dangerous as it would be. The two proceeded to the hideout location, in an unused office building.

Using her mental powers, Sister Soviet began to scan the entrance for signs of guards, but Red Saviour simply smashed through the doors and opened fire on the soldiers within. Their numbers were more than Sister Soviet expected. She is not a veteran hero yet, and Red Saviour plunged her into a trial by fire. Fortunately, despite several close calls, the two subdued their opponents and moved deep into the lair. Sister Soviet noted the ferociousness with which Red Saviour fought the Nazis, often using her energy powers in melee combat so that she could feel the damage she wrought.

Well inside the complex, the two made a fatal mistake. Security pictures, recovered after the Fifth Column abandoned the building, clearly show a Red Saviour of a different character than the one I have fought beside for years. Driven by a crazed desire for vengeance, and, according to Sister Soviet, an uncharacteristic bloodlust, she stormed around a corner and directly into the path of the Education officer and his lieutenant. Taken by surprise, she attempted to battle them but was brought down by their heavy weaponry. Sister Soviet fled before she too was subdued, but reported that she did not hear the hospital teleporter kick in when Red Saviour was wounded.

We are analyzing the clues gathered in our raid of the building, subsequent to the departure of the Fifth Column detachment. We hope to determine where they would take a recaptured Red Saviour. She may be executed or re-conditioned. Her fate is unknown. My heart grieves for my sister, who may face her end without peace of mind.

People's Blade
Commissar, CCCP

Attached: Security camera stills