Part Two

From the Story Arc: The End

Previous Story in the Arc: Part One by Khrushchev (Tuesday, August 17, 2004)

(posted Wednesday, August 25, 2004)

Dusk began to cover the sky; Khrushchev had been standing by the firing line for hours now.  He began to wonder what was going on, surely while no one would want to knowingly come to meet their fate; he thought her honor would make her show.


“Something is not right here, where is Saviour?  Perhaps something has changed; I must go to meet with Commissar ICBM.”


The voices in his head which plagued the life of Khrushchev began to speak again.  Silent whispers at first, instructions in his head that ran his life, the fabric of his existence, his sub conscious voice which had gone mad.  The voices came one by one overlapping each other making it impossible to understand.


“Stop!....I cannot concentrate….leave me be” yelling into the nearly night time sky.  Everything stopped, it was quiet, and he waited and listened, nothing, total silence.  A heavy sigh of relief had come over him.  He sat down and began dismantling the rifle, the silence was short lived.


“Do not think you can rid of us so quickly!”  In unison the voices yelled to him, a startled Khrushchev jumped in surprise.


“I cannot do this…how can I...”


“Remember what they did to you; remember your pain, why you can no longer show your face”


He grabbed his head with both hands; the cold metal mask which adorned his head sent a chill through his body.  It was all metal, not smooth though but rough and worn, years of battle had done its toll and the mask bore the scars of enemies he had killed.  Slowly tears began to build in his eyes.


“I cannot do this anymore….it needs to stop, I cannot not continue on, I have done far to much damage to my comrades, they are my friends”


“Stop!...This bickering is pointless, they do not regard you as friend but rather a tool of destruction, why do they always trot you out first in battle, because you are a machine, a killing machine that is all they think of you.  You will do it, follow your orders….besides, you have done it before what is once more?”


He was now reminded of his past and the atrocities that he had bestowed upon his Comrades.


“No one can know what I did” he sighed as a look of disappointment and despair came over his body.


“No one knows, we covered it up, they thinks it was the Nazi’s, no one believes you killed both of them.  It will remain this way as long as you listen to us.”


The voices were once again in control and became one with his own.


“Where is she?”


“I do not know where she is, no one will say, her where a bouts are classified and I do not have Commissar Clearance to view documents”


“Perhaps…you are right, but I do know she has taken on a new …shall I call it Love…I thinks we should pay him a visit.”


“If no one here will tell us where she is then perhaps he will, we can be persuasive.”


“Is he hero, what is his security clearance?”


“Nyet he is no hero….some one is coming quickly leave”


A Blue haze came over and Khrushchev was cloaked.  He turned and leaped over the fence and was gone.


“Comrade I have good news, Saviour is not to be executed, power has been restored and……Comrade….Where did he go”