From the Story Arc: A Lust for Vengence

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(posted Wednesday, August 25, 2004)

Jag was thrown out the window of his apartment during a terrific explosion. Cursing, he twisted and rolled, activating his flight jets; after a few seconds he was floating upright outside he burning apartment, rifle aimed and ready to fire. A blue lightning bolt screamed from the smoke, barely missing Jag. He retaliated with burst shots and a grenade, but nothing happened. Slowly, Jaguar 7 floated to the burning room, ready for anything, except what came next. A rifle round pierced him from behind and he lost balance, twisting slowly to the ground. He turned in the direction where the shot came from but couldn’t see anything…his power was failing. Another lightning bolt came from the apartment and struck him in the chest. Crippled he fell faster to the ground, glancing up at a blurry armored figure jumping out of the apartment, about to pounce on him. There was a loud crack as someone knocked the electrical tank away from Jag; it was Bestla. Jaguar felt himself being cushioned by a cloud of air, and slowly he touched down unharmed. “Thermos buddy, good to, son of a…see you again,” Jag managed to laugh.


Bestla dodged two punches and dropped two of her own right on the metal monster’s chest. Without a flinch the monster grabbed Bestla by the collar and headbutt her. Blood trickled down her forehead and she grinned. In quick succession, she landed half a dozen punches but again it was unphased. Before she could ignite, the Voltaic Tank leaned forward and hurled her down the street. She struck the ground hard and slid past Jag and Thermos, kicking up cement as she dug into the earth. When she finally stopped, Jag and Thermos were staring in amazement. Bestla slowly stood up, and wiped her forehead; she was glowing brighter and brighter. Suddenly in a brilliant explosion, Bestla shot down the street with super speed, until she was inches away from the electric tanker. She tightened her fist and unleashed a devastating blow onto its chest, melting plates of armor. The Voltaic Tank rocketed backward still standing up, and chest smoldering. It stopped, and slowly swayed back and forth, until it dropped to one knee. Unfortunately a small red dot appeared onto the back of Bestla’s head. There was a gunshot, and someone fell from the roof of a nearby building. Jaguar gave a thumb’s up to Bestla, “Down…” then loaded a grenade, “…but not out.”


A squad of Crey troops came around the corner ready to shoot. Thermos raised his hand and bolted them to the ground with ice. “We should leave,” he shouted as he iced another guard. But Jaguar 7 spit, “Not a chance in hell,” then fired the grenade into the mob of troops. Suddenly, behind the three of them there was a spark of light; the electric tank climbed to his feet, refusing to accept defeat. Bestla groaned and tapped her communication channel, “Is Bestla, all comrades in area, come to my coor-” before she could finish, the mobile power plant shot the radio right out of  her hand. Just as the robot was bearing down on her, a shadow slid from an alley and buried the tank in darkness. After a flurry of punches, a few blocks here and there, and a groan, Red Menace was knocked backward. “Do not worry comrade Bestla, I was already nearby,” he said jumping away, dodging a near fatal blow. A few seconds later, Thermos backed into Red, giving a quick apology, then hello. As they broke into a conversation, Jaguar stumbled into the three of them, spraying bullets until he ran out of ammo. He shouted and cursed, then pulled off his tattered helmet and watched as chunks of his armor fell onto the ground. Thermos bent over and picked up a piece, “Do not worry comrade, I can fix.” Jaguar mumbled and pointed, “Can you fix this?” In front, stood a column of Crey soldiers, while behind the one man train readied another charged blast.