Bed rest, and lots of it.

From the Story Arc: A Lust for Vengence

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(posted Wednesday, August 25, 2004)

Jaguar 7 slowly opened his eyes, but couldn’t figure out where he was. He slowly turned his head and saw Thermos, tinkering with a large round object. He let out an expression of awe, and then quietly laughed. Jag leaned out of his bed just close enough to whisper to Thermos, “Thermos…is that the helmet to my suit?” Thermos nodded and flipped it over, “Da, very broken, I am trying to fix…but very, very broken.” Jag dropped back into his bed and questioned what happened. Thermos took his eyes off helmet and stared outside the hospital window. “Hmmm, first we are fighting many soldiers, then Bestla got hurt again with big tesla tank. After time it takes for light to change during rush hour, Communard and Iron Soviet show up to help fight. But being very messy battle and Crey only seemed to get stronger. I am also thinking Bering Strait helped us, even Kostyak and Ursa Minor,” Thermos paused a second to laugh, “but I am also thinking they more concerned with killing Crey then protecting you. Oh yes, you passed out too. Much trouble for us.”


The door opened and People’s Blade walked in nearly expressionless. She looked around the room for a second and gave a silent command to Thermos. He stood up, waved the Jag, and gave quickly gave him a, you’ll-wish-you-were-dead-about-now, expression. Jaguar 7 rolled his eyes and turned to face the window. People’s Blade paced toward the window and stopped, “Bestla and Red Menace gave me the details on your little…party, and I must admit I am a bit disappointed.” Jag pretended to cough and excused himself; the Commissar continued, “You were not the only one injured during that fight, I have heard from Red Menace that others were hurt, a few broken bones here and there, many burns and scrapes…and though she denies it, Bestla was bruised all over as well. The point I am trying to make, is that your lack of responsibility has caused a great deal of trouble in the Red Brigade, and some inconveniences in the CCCP.”


 Jaguar was starting to breath faster now, “That’s really great and all, oh glorious commissar, but I didn’t ask for any help in my little traitorous ambush. Hell, maybe if you kept a better watch on your little friends, they wouldn’t be in line to stab me in the-” People’s Blade had unsheathed her sword and Jag was staring down the tip, very close to his throat. “Do not dare speak against my brothers and sisters that way…they may be offensive, but they are more than trustworthy.” Jag knocked the sword away with his casted arm and attempted to get out of bed. Using all his strength to sit up and let his legs dangle, he screamed. Shear pain kept him from getting out of bed, or lying back in it. “Commissar,” he slowly began, “my suit is destroyed and I’ve caused nothing but trouble…I am resigning from the Red Brigade.” People’s Blade stood behind him, and laughed. She quickly took her sheath and struck the back of his head, “Idiot! I need not a sob story, or dramatic departing! You are still a member of the Red Brigade, and you will continue to follow my orders. Get your rest and I will issue your new orders when you are better.” With that she walked out almost knocking Thermos over, who was supposedly “guarding” the door.


Thermos walked in and laughed, “Trying to quit? How am I supposing to fix your armor and guns then?” Jag slowly fell back into his bed and waved to Thermos, “Hey want to help me out a bit more? I want you to find some files for me. If I can’t destoy Crey using guns, I’ll do it using Information.” Thermos continued to tinker with the busted helmet, but nodded in agreement.” Jaguar 7 thought for a moment, and then wrote something down, “Here ya go Thermos, it’s called operation “Falling Sky” and believe me, it won’t be easy to get.” Thermos put down the helmet in frustration and took the piece of paper. “Not to worry comrade, I am having good relations with Paragon PD, and they can help me.”