From the Story Arc: Khrushchev's Fate

Next Story in the Arc: The Rescue by Khrushchev (Tuesday, August 31, 2004)

(posted Thursday, August 26, 2004)

We had just finished mission in large Circle of Thorns underground lair.   After most of Comrades had left only five of us stayed back to talk.   Red Saviour and her new love Mosca, Kostyak and Ursa.  The two couples paired up which left Khrushchev alone.


“This makes me sick, their constant affection is disgusting” the voices which ruled his very existence once again made them selves known.   “Up there is perfect spot”, Khrushchev looked off into the distance and saw what they were talking about a small opening in the rocks about 500 yards off a perfect sniping point.


“I cannot do this she just forgave me” Khrushchev mumbled under his breath.


“Comrade you say something?....Comrade!” Saviour repeated herself to get my attention.


“Huh?....Oh Nyet is nothing I just thinking about something, well I to leave you love birds alone, if you needs me just call”


“Do svedanya comrade” Saviour said although she never stopped looking at Mosca.


“Yes Do sved…” it trailed off because he new she would not even hear him.


A loud pop came as he sped off into the distance he began making his way up the side of the mountain scaling up one side of the straight faced wall of stone.  He reached the top and looked down below.


“They looks so happy” even at 500 yards he could see them as if he were standing right next to them.  He sighed as he new with what he had become that moments like this he would never have.


“Nyet they would be much happier dead and you will do that now!”  The voices screamed.


“Nooooo…..I can’t do this anymore…..leave me be” Khrushchev screamed in pain as the voices echoed in his head.  He grabbed the side of the cave wall and smashed is head repeatedly against the side, the sound of metal hitting rock echoed through the cavern.  After about 12 hits the voices stopped, his mask was smashed and torn from the jagged edges.  He had no time to waste now was his chance to flee before he could do more damage than he already has.  With his super speed on he ran for miles and crossed a large area of water before making it to Circle Island.


Finally reaching the peak of the highest cliff in Talos Khrushchev walked to the edge.  Rocks crumble and pieces break of and fall, they bounce down the side crashing into the deep water below.  Turning off the cloaking device he looks out across the horizon, the darkening clouds filled the sky.


 “All the years I have come here for comfort and not even this beautiful view can help me now”.



“What are you doing?” It was more of a puzzled speech as they did not command him to come here.

“Why are we here? this is not our destination, turn around this moment and complete what you need to do.”  The voices grew angrier and frustrated over their lack of control.


“I have no one” a saddened Khrushchev looked down and sighed.  “I do not want to be this anymore; I have done too much wrong already.”  He reached up and grabbed both sides of the mask and ripped it off his face.  A tearing sound could be heard as skin was slowly separated from metal, most of the skin he had left stayed on his face while the portion that had grown into the mask came off with it.  He dropped the gun, and brought the mask up to view, for the first time he could really see what the others have seen. 


“I am monster, unfit to walk this earth, I will do all good to no longer breath air” he dropped the mask along the side of his body and it fell to the ground landing on top of the rifle.  He reached down to his belt and turned on the cloak device.  The familiar blue haze covered his body and he was no longer visible to the naked eye.  The wind started to pick up and a rumble of thunder could be heard in the distance.  A slow but steady rain began to fall, the water splashed on his face washing the blood, the blood trickled over his lips, which trembled with the sadness and pain he had to burden these many years.  He turned to face backwards so that he could see the sky to see if God would save him.


“Like tears lost in the rain, time to die”


Khrushchev leapt from the side and began to fall backwards towards the water below.  A huge splash came up from the ocean as he hit it with full force.  He watched as the light through the water grew dimmer, at the time he could no longer see he closed his eyes and slowly sank through the ocean’s depth.