Status Report 3571-C "Operation: Black Lotus"

From the Story Arc: WCO Report: Operation Black Lotus

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(posted Friday, August 27, 2004)

Comrades, General Lu Kai-Shek of WCO Superhero Defense Division Chi has passed on hard copies of the most recent auditory dictations and illustrations from Subject C. As by superior orders of the Chinese Ministry of State Security (planted by our operatives), 5 Year Plan is periodically asking Subject C to respond to a series of questions and record his efforts to fight crime in Paragon city.

In my opinion, Division 4's plans for Operation Black Lotus will be a dismal failure with Subject C. Although it would appear at first to be an ideal candidate (due to it's abilities to withstand damage, high chance of recovery and reuse, and duplicity with orders), we have tried similar experiments previously in Russia with Subject C and had no success. Subject C apparently expresses severe disciplinary problems when asked to conduct activities that goes against it's own sense of morality (which unfortunately means devout aversion to lethal methods). I emphatically suggest using other heroes in CCCP and Red Brigade, as many already have violent tendances and would be excellent candidates for such a covert operation.

General Alexander Rokossovsky

WCO Superhero Defense Division Rho

Begin Edited Transcript of Session 4...

This is comrade 5 Year Plan. My contacts with the Ministry of State Security have procured this interesting device for oral dictation. What is unique is that the machine is able to auto translate many languages and account for the unique inflections of individual's voices without previous supplementation of it's memory.

Members of CCCP and Red Brigade have all given reports on our activities in America and our dealings with various criminal elements in Paragon city. This information I believe has been very useful in combating similar criminal efforts world wide. I have been told by my superiors in China, that our reports have been helpful in thwarting expansion of the Tsoo into China and other Asian countries.

Because of the importance of these documents, I feel we have had one comrade in our ranks who has been unable to express his thoughts, and his input has been severely neglected. This concern has been echoed by my superiors in China, so I have asked comrade Chug to give his insights on fighting various criminal elements in Paragon City. While they are simple thoughts, he might eventually provide some insight and, if anything, a unique perspective on villain operations in America.

I have also decided to have him draw illustrations to go along with his oral recounts of dealing with such villains. These will be attached with my report and copies of the dictation session. I apologize beforehand as many of the illustrations will be rather crude and presented in an odd medium. Comrade Chug has been very obstinate in requesting he draw with crayons.


I alwayz see da 5th kolumn marching around and dey bark orders like 'Keep in line!' an 'Youz salute!' An dey speak to da peopulz dat everyone iz weak and dey shuld be in charge. But I dink dey just mean. I try to march and play wiff dem, but dey get mad and yell at me. Dey usually try to beat me up but sumtimes dey fire fun stuff at mez. Like, dey shoot big firecrackers dat bounce off mez. Dey aslo shoot da brap gun. It shoots lotz of bullets but it not like odder rattat guns from odder bad guyz. Cuz it shoot lotz of bulletz real fast.

Dis me gettin shot at. I guess it supposed to hurt bad, but me tuff. Da brap gun jus tickle me lotz.

I also like beatin up da 5th kolumn cuz dey mean and sumtimes dey also do magic. Sumtimes da bosses go poof an big doggies appear. I wanna play wiff dem, but I no have a bone so dey usually get real mad an try to bite me. Dat silly cuz I tuff and they no hurt me. I think dey just playing, but everyone in CCCP an Red Brigade tell me I supposed to knock dem out. I like doggies, and cats, and litte squirrels. An I like birds too.

Dis me beatin up mean 5th kolumn guy. An big doggy appearz. He mad cuz I no have a bone fer him. I dun have pockets so I alwayz no have bonez fer dem.

Sumetimez I see sum peopulz like Da Count wiff 5th kolumn. I like to watch Seasame Street lotz (brudder 5 Year Plan sez it okay cuz I learn to read and my numbers and it from da State). I like Da Count and I alwayz practize real hard to count my numberz like him. I ask dem to count wiff me, but they no count. They go 'bleah, bleah, bleah' like Da Count. But den stuff come out of der heads and make me dizzy sumtimes.

Dis me tryin to count to 12. It real big number so it hard. I must not do it right cuz he go 'bleah' and den try to make me dizzy.

I also see da little robot guyz wiff 5th kolumn. Dey shoot stuff at Chug. And dey like to dance around mez lotz to cuz dey alwayz twirl around. Dey make shiny lights wiff dere handz. It pretty. I think dey just playing, but everyone in CCCP an Red Brigade tell me I supposed to knock dem out too.

Dis me watching dem dance. An anudder dat make sparklez dat dey shoot at mez.

Sumtimez I see big robotz and onez that fly in air. Dey also shoot big firecrackers at Chug. Da odders say dey trying to hurt Chug an I suppozed to knock dem out. But dat iz silly, cuz I tuff. But I do wut I suppozed to.

Dis is me bouncin da big firecrackers off my head. Dey real silly robotz dat go 'beep, beep, beep'.

I alwayz try real hard so Kommisar Red Menezz and Kommisar Red Savur happy. I do wut I suppozed to do and beat up all da bad guyz. Da 5th kolumn are big meanies. But dey not tuff like Chug.

Dis me and Kommisar Red Menezz and Kommisar Red Savur and brudder 5 Year Plan. We in da park an dey give Chug milk an cookiez cuz I do gud.