This Is a Rescue?

From the Story Arc: K MOCKBY

Previous Story in the Arc: Giving Notice by Ursa Minor (Tuesday, August 24, 2004)

(posted Friday, August 27, 2004)

They had the plan all worked out. Kos would sneak his way into the military hospital, find our wayward comrades and I would rover them out. Menace and Soviette would be standing by incase the defenses where to heavy or something else went wrong. Brilliant plan, right? Just brilliant. It took them the whole trip from Moscow to come up with that one.  I look at Kos and roll my eyes. Why do they have to send him in alone? Viktor is the almighty, never tiring warrior, he could port his own damn self out if there was trouble. Jadwiga catches the look and frowns at me.

She’s been giving me 'looks' the whole way to Switzerland but not saying anything. Am I supposed to read her mind? Is it because of what happened between me and Kos? I’ll have to admit, he’s looking a lot better now. Maybe she’s jealous because all she could do was put him to sleep. Anyway, I’m not going to say anything to her, but these 'looks' are just annoying. Get over it sister.

As for Viktor, it’s almost like he’s going to the store to buy some groceries. The expression on his face never changes. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him laugh or smile. He certainly isn’t interested in any of the girls in this group. He never even takes a second look at me and I’m the best looking one here. He’s so creepy. Appearing and disappearing without any sound or warning, scowling at everyone but never saying anything. I do trust him, more than any of the other Commissars. He’s the only commissar on either team that actually seems to give a shit about his people. That alone takes him out of Natayla and Fei Li’s self-centered little mold. They'd rather quit or kill someone off than actually deal with a problem.

Maybe I SHOULD stay with Kos. The more I think about going back to those people, the more angry I get. God I wish I could port myself back to my own time. I miss being a normal person in a real commune. This super hero business is just too hard. No matter how many heads we bust there are always more the next day. Mission after mission, are we even making any difference? Then we have to deal with crazy Commissars, jealous co-workers and insane directives. I wonder if I could find any acid in this city…I could try to go back to the ‘60s…get back home and take up in the commune again. See my mom, my real friends. I’ve never been so alone in my life.

Thank God for Kostyak.

“Bear? What’s wrong?”

“hmm? Oh, nothing. I was just thinkin’…”

“You look like you’re about to cry.”

“It’s just that…well…I kinda wanna go home.”

“You will, after this mission”

“No…home. Real home. Friends and mom and Tim…”

He searches my face. There’s nothing he can do but I know he’s trying to think of something to say to make me feel better.

“There’s no way back, Bear.”

Jackass. Like that’s gonna make me feel better! Sometimes he’s the dumbest pile of crap I’ve ever seen. There’s no way back, Bear! I ought to drain the living crap out of him right now for that kind of talk. But I’m too tired. I just put my head on his shoulder and wait for the action to start.

He’s been in there for about 20 minutes now. I’m starting to get really fidgety. Vik must notice because I almost jump out of my skin when he puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me to relax. “We must be patient.” He’s right, the coms are working…Kos will call if he needs me to pull him out. It’s all I can do to restrain myself…I can feel the porting sequence in my belly, ready to go at a moments notice. Ok, relax girl, this isn’t your first mission.

This place is like a storybook. We can see the hospital. It’s sitting near the top of a mountain with a switchback road leading up to it. It doesn’t really look like a hospital, more like the Von Trapp house (and NO, he won't get that one, either!). It’s a big white four-story mansion with each section being offset from the others, almost like five row houses but with only one big door in the very center. I’m waiting for Maria and the Captain to come running down the road with a picnic basket singing some inane song: “For here you are, standing there, loving me whether or not you should.” Great, now I’m going to have that piece of crap stuck in my head.


“You guys might as well come up here.”

“Kos? What’s going on?”

“Not a damn thing. They’re here, they’re fine and they’re ready to go”

Me and Vik exchange glances and Jadwiga starts up the hill. We hurry after her and get to the top about 15 minutes later. The door to the place is propped open with one of those little rubber things and we can see a reception desk with and some nurses bustling around. Vik looks at us and leads the way in. To the right, we see Mojiotok, Bestla and Kos standing in a seating area. There’s also an older guy I’ve never seen before.

We’re introduced to Mojiotok Sr., a very handsome man in a slavic Sean Connery kinda way. Apparently he’s going to be the new main man since somebody went and blew up Worker’s Champion. I don’t know who made that decision, but the others seemed pretty happy about it. I guess he seemed like a nice guy, not sure how it’s gonna matter to me though. Not even sure if the Brigade is still part of CCCP or what. Whatever, they kicked my ass out, screw them.

Here’s how our great rescue went; we sneak up to the military hospital that looks like a mountain chalet, walk in, meet the parents and bring the kids back to America. That’s pretty much it. We asked Bestla and Mojiotok what happened with Workers Champion, but neither of them seemed very willing to talk about it. Mojiotok just shrugged his shoulders and said something to Vik in Russian. Viktor shook his had and …I wasn’t sure, but I think I actually saw shame on the immortal warrior’s face. Why would Vik be ashamed? He was the one all bent out of shape and leading the charge to Moscow…well, the only commissar anyway. Old Moj looked like he wanted to hit something and a long conversation in Russian ensued. Um, hello! Americans here! Secrets. Keep the peons out, follow orders Ursa, and shut the hell up.

Bestla and Vik’s meeting was kinda weird. She runs up to him like she’s gonna jump into his arms, but then she just stops short and looks embarrassed. He doesn’t move for a minute and then bends down to whisper in her ear. She looks at him with the most childish, wide-eyed expression…I almost laugh out loud. Really though, it was very touching. He slowly brushed a stray hair behind her ear, rested his hand on the back of her head and gave the slightest nod. It was one of those moments that writers love. Meaningful looks and simple gestures that carry profuse amounts of meaning…spanning time. They were spanning time and he was touching her. Heh, that reference will wreck Kos’ brain, if he even realizes I cribbed it…dope.

Kos shakes hands with Mojiotok and turns to “Pact” (“Pack”? Wolf pact? Wolf pack?) I don’t know where he got that one. Bestla says she’s part wolf so I guess it makes sense, but she looks like a little girl to me. I watch him closely as he hugs her and makes sure she’s okay. I wonder if she knows he quit yet? A week. Just one week. I can deal with it. I should have held out on him…that’s what Mom always used to say, “Never give them everything they want, remain a mystery.” Didn’t really help her with Dad too much, did it? While Mom was busy keeping her mystery, Dad was finding his mystery at the bottom of a bottle of Wild Turkey. One week.

We’re walking the grounds while the others help Moj and Bestla get ready to go back. He looks like he’s so much lighter now. It’s the first time it seems like we’re just two people. No ‘missions’, No ‘fights’… just… people. We find a spot in one of those giant European gardens that you always see. We just sit there real quiet for a few minutes just leaning up against each other. I know he wants to ask me again to go with him… I’m not ready give up to him yet. He also knows I’ve decided and he won’t want to push it right before the flight. Heh. “Did you tell her?” My voice is quieter than it should have been. It’s just hard to push the words out right now.

“Yea, she’s fine with it.”

“‘She’s fine with it.’ That’s IT?” Oh, do NOT start blowing me off, damn you.

“No, it’s not, but you’re leavin’ to catch your flight back in about 15 minutes… you want to spend that time talkin’ about a conversation I had with Pack? She couldn’t really say much after runnin’ off to Russia, could she? Besides, you two are gonna do the ‘girl-talk’ thing for half the flight anyway.” He smirks like he so clever and pulls me in closer to him. I try not to let him see me smile and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“So, what are you going to do here? “

“Don’t really know… think I’ll look up a few old guys Vik knows. Spectre mentioned a few people here, once. Whatever I do, it’ll only take a few days.”

“It better.” There’s a little edge in my voice that I can tell he picked up but won’t react to...

“You should know by now, Bear.”

We spend the rest of our time sitting there. It’s so quiet and peaceful. Thank God he has enough sense to keep his mouth shut and not ruin it. After a few minutes, we both get up and start to go meet the others. Just before we leave the garden, we clutch each other tightly and he kisses me. He kisses me to tell me everything he stumbles with when he opens his mouth, everything he fouls up when he’s trying to force out what he means in words that just won’t come out right. I start to tear up and close my eyes tight. He’ll come back to me. One week.

We get onto the plane and I can see him standing out there on the tarmac by himself. He looks like a lonely little boy out there, his hands shoved in his pockets.  Bestla stands next to me in the doorway of the plane, they’re rolling away the stairs now and its time to go. She’s in one of her down moods today so she’s being nice to me. “come on, we must sit now”. Kos puts his hand up for the last goodbye and it’s then that I realize that I don’t even know his real name.