Notice of Apology

(posted Saturday, August 28, 2004)


Distribution: All CCCP/RB (American Division)


Now that ICBM has stood down and coup is aborted, is ok for to disclosing of accidental shooting of female comrade who was attempting access to CCCP/RB HQ during lockdown of access. Was intended to being warning shot, not intending to making contact.

But at moment of pulling trigger, female comrade moved lightning quick and resulting shot was grazing leg of comrade. Was having suspicions as to who comrade was as soon as comrade began to cursing in spanish at top of lungs. Then when seeing Gato Rojo's demanding for identity of shooter, I was knowing for sure. But at time I was not permited to divulge any info nor accept responsibility for shooting.

To Tovarich Gato,

Please to accept Major's humblest appologies for accidental contact of bullet to leg. Was not intention ever to cause you harming. Was only to warn, was not expecting such speed and grace, was caught off guard. To you I owe my pledge of service and I also accepting responsibility for damage to uniform. Will incur any cost of repair or replacings. Please to accept heartfelt appology.

In service,

Major Ursa