Parts listing for the new suit

From the Story Arc: A Lust for Vengence

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(posted Sunday, August 29, 2004)



Alright, this is a list of all the parts and supplies I need to repair the suit.


Generator components:

Power Condenser Mark II

Power Condenser Mark IV

Capacitor units E2-E6, J1, T3

“Phalanx” Condenser Mark III


Network Components:

Communications SAT ARRAY – T8SGES7

Communications “Lynx” ARRAY – T8SGEF9

Network ARRAY – HBST586



Contact ID – TG3GET

TAG Display and Targeting Storing – T38h9NGW

Temperature and Time ID – 9098S3

Head Mounted Trackers PARTS – EG65KG, 1, 2, 3, 5, 22-40

“Tsunami” wave signatures – EEG7G7


Armor Components:

Shoulder Pads – S6

Full Left and Right Arms – L5, R5

Lower Legs – LL5, LL5

Boots – B5



Gravity General Stabilizer – 69HJ96

Stealth Generator – V8SG8

Temperature Regulator – N9IVV73B

“Aegis” Defensive measures – 93X8D8

“Avalon” Detector – 38BS7X

ECM and ECCM hardware – HH36, HH37

“Aura” Detector – 5HA3KT


All of these parts can be found in Crey and Skyraider territory, or even in 5th Column bases. Other places that may have this equipment could include, Portal Corporation, Talos and Independence Port Harbor Districts, and even random shops. Advice caution with these parts, the “named” components are very rare, and may only be found in Crey caches and storages.