The chasm of friendships

From the Story Arc: A Lust for Vengence

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(posted Monday, August 30, 2004)

I was on a mission….they were Rikti soldiers in…an office building? I don’t know what happened…but I know we couldn’t fight them. I had to call…for backup. That’s right, I got a hold of Nova Barrage. I know I did. Then there was Petrograd…He was fighting, but it was too much and he was knocked out. No…that’s not right. Crey…


Crey was there! But I was so weak, whatever ammo the Rikti used for the guns, really put a dent in me…in my head. Then Kos and Saviour started screaming. I don’t remember why…but I just wanted them to shut up…my head is throbbing. I screamed back at Saviour and Kos…I couldn’t stand them, I hated their guts, They completely disgusted me. If I could I’d kill them myself!


No, there my friends…I have to trust them! What did Crey do to me…what did the Rikti do to me?


The Rikti energy, it must be acting as an accelerant for the poison…


I’m so sorry Petrograd….tell everyone, I’m so sorry…