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From the Story Arc: A Lust for Vengence

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(posted Monday, August 30, 2004)

(Gulag, please put this on the official paperwork and cram it in Jag's mouth so I'm damn sure he gets it. Don't break any teeth... Red wants to work on those if he screws up again.)


You're off active duty until I say otherwise. I will not even consider it until Jadwiga gives you medical clearance and Spectre pokes around inside of your head. If I can't reach him, I'll walk Gato through it. If I see you on patrol before I give that okay I will break your other goddamned arm and you WILL be off this team.

You WILL provide any and all answers you have to every single question I put in front of you about this Crey business and I am very much nearing the end of how much lip I am willing to listen to from you. We will get whatever you need to fix whatever they did. If you're not willing to trust your team they will never trust you, Boy. If it makes you feel any better, what's bothering you ain't magic. Stop listening to idiot doctors about arcane issues when they've never cast a spell in their lives.

Thermos is assembling your armor as we speak and I WILL have it checked out before you see it again. DO NOT attempt to speak to Thermos about it until I do.

Before I do let you back on active on active duty, you, me and Red will sit down and we will make it VERY clear exactly what is expected of you and if you have a brain in that skull you will shut the hell up when she is talking to you as she considers it a courtesy to me to do that before she starts handling it her way.

If that goes well enough, you will be paired with Major Ursa after that. You WILL do whatever he tells you to do and if you listen to him you will learn what it means to be a professional. I've also instructed him to use ANY form of discipline he feels necessary to get his point across. Please take all the time you need to figure out why no one gives him any grief on this team. It's a little thing called respect and The Major has damn sure earned it. Try to figure out how he did that.

A final thing... If you EVER vouch for someone in order for them to get on my team and neglect to mention things like they do not understand tactics or how to follow simple instructions then you had better pray to whatever deity you hold dear that Red gets a hold of you before I do.



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