The Rescue

From the Story Arc: Khrushchev's Fate

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(posted Tuesday, August 31, 2004)

Part Two


Soviet Fire and The Siberian Guard were two of Khrushchev’s comrades long before he had ever joined the CCCP and had been on patrol looking for his where a bout’s for some time now after intercepting a transmission about the assassination he was to perform.


“Do you think he’s done it?”

“I’m not sure…he has been battling personal demons for some time now and I can say he is not in the right frame of mind”


“I’ll say, just the other day he knocked me over with that over sized gun case of his and it knocked my Borscht all over me, I  mean look I still haven’t gotten the stain out”


The Siberian Guard just rolled his eyes and continued his search.


“Look ahead, up there what is that just on the edge of the rock?”


They both proceeded with caution, “It looks like…it is it’s his mask, he’s gone and ripped it off his face”  Khrushchev’s mask laid in almost ruin scarred from what looked like a years long battle, smeared in blood and what appeared to be.


“Is that skin?”  Soviet fire leaned in closer, and picked up a small twig and began to lift the mask.


“Gross, well he’s not under here”


The Siberian Guard kicked Fire in the side “Of course he’s not under the mask you idiot, he’s obviously fallen of the cliff into the water”


“What water?” Soviet fire looked puzzled.


The Siberian Guard grabbed his face in disbelief “The water that is all around us, this is an island you know, God your thick”


“There in the water, quickly before he gets out of range.”


“From the Depths I bring you back”.  Soviet Fire placed both of hands by his side they glowed white, a rumble of thunder could be heard as he grasped forward.  Khrushchev was now lying on the beach below safe from his water grave or so it seemed.


“See and you said this teleport would not come in handy, safely on the beach”


“We are up here”


“Yeh…..Your point?”


“My point…my point is he’s down there we are up here”


“Hmmm, I’m not following you”


“Good grief.  Bring him up here you moron!”


“Ahhh I got ya” Soviet Fire once again Teleported Khrushchev this time to the top of the mountain where he laid motionless on the ground.


 “He is not breathing....well he’s not”


“He has been under the water of course he’s not breathing; do you see gills anywhere on him?”


“What are gills?”


“Look just give him CPR!”




“Mouth to mouth…. Geesh do you know anything?”


“Oh no I’m not doing that…again.”


“What do you mean again, you have done this before? To Khrushchev?” the Siberian guard looked puzzled and somewhat disgusted.”


“Not to him to one of the female comrades in the Red Brigade, last time we visited”


“She was not breathing?”


“Well not quite…she was sleeping”


“Well what happened?”


“Do you see this metal plate that goes over my eye?”



“That’s from her, I guess she wasn’t to thrilled so she ya know cut my eye out…but it’s ok now”




“So you’re the tanker can’t you just punch his chest or something?  I mean that super strength needs to come in handy for something other than beating on me”


To be continued…..