Un más rezo a mi madre

From the Story Arc: A Snake In The Grass

Previous Story in the Arc: Day 5: Epilogue by Red Saviour (Monday, August 30, 2004)

(posted Tuesday, August 31, 2004)

Ah madre… with you guiding me these last 5 days have gone better than expected. I admit to you I was tricking Red Saviour, but she knows that now and my arms are still working, si? Oh how you would have laughed and scolded me mama, to see her face when she was finished at Spa. I was surprised to see the decadent building still standing with the rage on her face. She would not speak to me whole way back to city. I was thinking perhaps I have lost Natalya, for this face is pure Saviour in wrath.

The next day I am taking her to silly American family fun park. Si si I know you have never seen such a thing in your days, but you can look down and see now I am thinking. All those bloated Americans with their bloated children eating helado and making sick after hours of standing in sun for minuto dos ride losing bottom of stomach. The air itself was minuto dos with sugar – am surprised I am not covered in espinillas. My Natya could barely control her rage as I parade her around like macho pig and force feeding her, “chicken nuggets” which I fear is no chicken at all – have noticed frightening lack of cats and dogs in this city. Then, the People’s Blade is showing, and I’m thinking perhaps this is the it – no more Mosca - but is worth dying for si? If I would be dying for my comrades, it is worth diez veces otra vez to return them their leader. She and the blade of the peoples take long walk, when she returns she is Red Saviour again, and my Natalya, when I was afraid I would lose one to the other and never sure which.

We had one more day left mama – one more day before returning to our comrades. Never have I felt such fulfillment, as when shopping for foods with my Natya, cleaning the apartamento
we now seem to be sharing. I had though it could not be any better even with sofa springs making hamburguesa of my shoulders. And then, my gloriously strong Natya broke the sofa. But, it is not proper to speak of such things to one’s mother – though I can sense you winking at me.

We have returned to patrols, sometimes together, sometimes not. I do not worry about Natya – how can I worry about someone so strong? Worry is a weakness that would only kill us both for reasons poor. Though vowing the same for me, I am thinking it is hard for her. But she is trying after comrades are making baby comments at me. It is small price to pay – I will earn their respect someday. Is enough for now to be knowing that my Natya is Red Saviour. She is no Fallen Caryatid crushed beneath the stone – she is strong enough for this burden and I am thinking she knows this now. Both Natya and Red Saviour will survive.

There is only one thing left troubling me now mama. I have not been a very good brother these last few days, thinking only of being with Natya – so the question is, will I survive Gato? We shall see – I must call her now. Pray for me.

I love you mama, and papa, and will see you again someday, if not today.