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From the Story Arc: Reports to Moscow

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(posted Wednesday, September 01, 2004)

 {Mother Siberia marches into Red Saviour's office and salutes. They speak in Russian.}

"Glorious Leader, I present myself for excoriation, and I present my resignation from CCCP!", she says stiffly.

Red Saviour looks momentarily taken aback, but remembers her role and assumes a stern look. "Yes comrade, you have been missing. Your students have suffered. Your patrols had to be filled by others.  Your leadership was needed at a time of crisis.  Where have you been?"

"A moment of carelessness, madame. I was poisoned through my own inexcusable clumsiness. I was taken to the hospital, but I now have recovered.", Mother Siberia explains.

"That's all there was to it? A careless brush against a poisoned spine, I am told?", queries Red Saviour deliberately.

"At first I feared a conspiracy. We have many enemies. There are secrets layered within secrets. But as you see, I am recovered. It was merely stupidity on my part, which is why I now present myself for punishment."

"But Mother Siberia, you were checked out of the hospital two weeks ago.  Where have you been since then?", asked Red Saviour.

"Ah, Madame Commissar, I had to return to Moscow.  I had certain... duties... to perform in funeral and transition after the death of our Great Hero Worker's Champion.   It was a sad tragedy, and a great loss to the Mother Country!"  Mother Siberia looked genuinely grieved.

"You speak the truth.  But you are no longer part of CCCP-Russia, Comrade Siberia, your home and duty is here with us in America.  You must cut all thoughts of ties with the Mother Country while you are with us," chided Red Saviour.

"Understood, my leader.  Any connections I might have had are now... cut.  Any duties I owed are now.. fulfilled.  It is not right for a leader to desert her post in a time of crisis."  She glances meaningfully at Red Saviour, who looks momentarily furious.  But before Red Saviour can object, Mother Siberia continues innocently,  "All of us have moments of weakness.  I hope you can forgive me for that.  It is duty to the collective that is the most important calling, as I have learned."

"Yes, comrade," admits Red Saviour awkwardly.  "Duty to the collective.  A good lesson."  She pauses in thought.

"Well," she adds, "you have failed in your duties. But I have much on my mind right now, and you cannot serve the collective if you are no longer a part of it. So I reject your resignation. And I assign you to double patrols for the next week. I order you to prepare another series of classes for the new recruits . Redeem your status with the collective through hard work, Mother Siberia!"

"As you command, Madame Commissar! I go to prepare!"  Mother Siberia turns briskly on one heel and marches smartly away from the massive desk, crossing the coffeestained Persian carpet in four precise steps, and begins to open the office door. 

"One thing," Red Saviour calls out, "Mother Siberia:  on your application to us, you state you were revived in late 2003, having been frozen for sixty years.  This does not leave much time for you to acquire 'Duties in Moscow' related to CCCP-Russia. "

"Hmm, Madame Commissar, you are quite right.  That is a most puzzling mystery.  Perhaps we can solve it some day over vodka and my Chicken Kiev?"

"Until then, Mother Siberia,", answers Red Saviour, "Until then...".  Mother Siberia turns away from the Commissar's office and closes the door.    Though neither can see the other, the women share a subtle smile.
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