My grandfather is running around in powered armor...again...

(posted Friday, September 03, 2004)

Memorandum to Commissar People’s Blade
Cc: Comrade Kostyak
        From: Iron Soviet
        Subject: My grandfather is running around in powered armor...again...


Comrades--my grandfather is running around Paragon City in powered armor again. If any of you see him, could you please look out for him? Mom’s already throwing fits about him getting hurt and my encouraging him and all that.

      What happened is this: he was in town at the Paragon City Museum of Arts and Sciences. Russia is donating the original Iron Soviet armor, the one that was made from captured Nazi prototypes, to the museum’s display on Heroes of World War Two. He was at the museum demonstrating how you got into the suit when these Freaks showed up, planning to trash the place. Well—-he was halfway into the armor anyway, so he put it all the way on and proceeded to beat the daylights out of the attacking gang members. After he knocked them unconscious, tied them up, put them in a pile and then sat on them in the armor waiting for the police to show up, he decided he still had what it took to make a difference.

        Even I must admit that he is in excellent physical condition for a man of his age--must have something to do with the supersoldier treatments they gave him. In those days, you had to be hugely muscle-bound just to bear the weight of all that armor and equipment--not that he was a small man to begin with. He's aged since then but he's got the physique of a man a third of his age and he still has the strength of three average men.

      The original armor he still donated to the museum thank Lenin. He broke out the suit he used during the early phases of the Cold War from storage. I insisted he let me modernize it a little-—okay, a lot--I’m just thankful this suit has transistors! I sat up all night with him swapping stories while I tried as best I could to update his armor with parts from Cooke’s and my spares—-which is why my mother isn’t thrilled with me now and thinks I’m encouraging the old man. I’m just trying to keep him alive—-I know how he is once he’s made his mind up to do something.

   Anyway—-so I’ve tricked out his old armor and it’s now about as cross-circuited and cobbled together as the original ever was and he’s taking it out for a spin and to get his Security Level credentials from the city and just when I’m thinking this whole exercise is cursed, he runs into another Soviet hero just getting started with his own Security Level credentials—-the Order of Lenin. Order of Lenin is a Technology Tanker, as Paragon City Police categorizes operatives. He and Order of Lenin team up like they're old friends and then start sweeping the streets of hoodlums and clockworks. Got themselves authorized to Security Level Six in no time at all. Grandpa made me promise I’d recommend Order of Lenin to the Red Brigade and from what I hear, I’m glad to do it. Sounds like he’ll be a great addition to the team. I’m less enthusiastic about recommending my grandfather to Red Brigade but I think it’s the right thing to do. I shudder to think of him out on the streets alone and he’ll bring a great deal of experience, discipline and competence to the Brigade. I’m just glad my transfer to the CCCP team came through or otherwise people might have trouble referring to us, since we’re both using the name Iron Soviet.

   So—-I’d like to wrap this memo up with my official recommendation to Red Brigade that they consider both the Order of Lenin and Iron Soviet I for membership. Please, if you see him out there, just keep an eye on him. I don’t think Mom will forgive me if anything happens to him. Many thanks comrades!

       The Iron Soviet