Thoughts of the Mighty Svarog

(posted Friday, September 03, 2004)


*written in Russian and time stamped with his russian made PDA*

Going to try and collect my thoughts for a moment in an effort to reflect. Reflect not only on the past to this point, but my future with the CCCP.

It has been a long hard road to travel since I found this armor near the Chernobyl facility back in '91. Not to mention the skeleton of the former user. Sometimes I still get the creeps when I think about what I'm wearing. In fact I still keep the scrap of paper the soldier scribbled out with what appeared to be his dying breath. He didn't date it so I have no idea how old it is, but accounts of the original Svarog date back to the early 80's. So I can only surmise that this suit is at least 2 decades old now.

But back to the note. I think he used a felt pen to write it, but given the age of the paper, and 'other' substances found on and around the paper, that might not have been the case. And I am in no hurry to figure this mystery out, not in the least!. The note itself was hastily written and it said: "The god will rise again in defense of his people."

I can only assume that the nameless soldier was writing about the Svarog suit. I did some research and 'Svarog' is the Slavic God of gods. Apparently he's sort of like what Zeus was to the Greecian gods. The armor was in such disrepair from age and combat damage that if Svarog was to rise again, it would almost -take- an act of a god.

Thankfully my skills lay as a field technician for the collapsing Soviet Union military. I gathered all of the paperwork I could find and got in touch with a few friends I could explicitly trust and we got to work.

We worked as we found new jobs and new skill sets. A few of my friends hit it big with the internet boom, whereas I remained in the military for some of their advanced technological occupations. Communications, sat relay, nuclear sciences, I did it all. Or tried to anyways. But while we learned, the armor sat and collected dust.

Well as luck would have it we all converged one night in winter home being used for our reunion. We plotted and we brainstormed. And I'd like to think that because of that night that soldier's wish came true. Because in a short period of time Svarog was back in action. And from all our accounts, far superior to the original design.

We had trouble bringing the full systems back up as that was proving to be more difficult. Compatability issues or some such nonsense.

I was the brave soul (course my friends chided me as a brash idiot. To which we chuckled)who was to don the armor and become Svarog. And to date I think I've done a job worthy of my predecessor.

I am of course, about the lowest ranking active member on the CCCP. But this places me in a unique situation. Because I am more ready and able to assist the newer members of our unit. I sure the others will be off saving the world from the Sky Raiders, 5th Column, or these giant Mech-looking villians I've started hearing reports from.

But what the others don't realize is this: Even the most stalwart soldier among them needs their white blood cells to stave off disease from within. I am, for now, that white blood cell. And when it is my time, you can rest assured that the Mighty Svarog will stand and be counted.