From the Story Arc: A Lust for Vengence

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(posted Friday, September 03, 2004)

Intercepted message a few hours after Site Ocean was destroyed


To her Mistress,

            I regret to inform you of the destruction of Site Ocean. It seems that while I was away giving a discussion on our latest achievements to the other directors, our base was attacked…how ironic. Also it seems that some, cold war vagabonds, did the raiding on our base. I know nothing of Crey that would anger these, Soviet lunatics, so I proceeded to find out the reason behind their raid. Though the assault was lead by a man named Kostyak, it seemed he had a great deal of influence from Cyriss. Yes Her Mistress, Cyriss is still alive. We will deal with this renegade CCCP organization in due time. However, I highly recommend you send Alex to kill Cyriss once and for all. Alex may seem disobedient at time… and my ignore orders altogether, but he’ll follow commands directly from you.

            On a lighter note, all was not lost. They attacked too late to do any real damage, and most of our toxins were secured. The last train with the “Black Tide” made it out just hours before the base was hit. Unfortunately if you need any more of that energy, our only lab was destroyed…so it will take some time before we rebuild a new one. Operation Black Tide is officially over. We will continue with Operation Mobile Juggernaut as planned. Please forgive me for my irresponsibility of handling the security of the base. I will make sure our enemies are punished accordingly, whether they are capitalist corporations…or communist governments.