The Back Alley Showdown!

From the Story Arc: A Lust for Vengence

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(posted Saturday, September 11, 2004)

The sun arched overhead, indicating mid-afternoon. Jaguar 7 had just stopped another fanatic Nazi from harassing a civilian. But he was not in Bricktown this time, he was in Founder’s Falls.


He shouted to himself, “A nice change of scenery can do wonders.”


Jag witnessed a shadowy figure blast a whole squad of Nazis and checked the ID tag. He shouted and waved to the figure, belonging to Major Ursa.


“Privyet comrade.” The Major saluted after he finished his work. Jag greeted him with a salute, and asked if they could patrol together. Major Ursa agreed and they walked alongside a canal looking for more of the 5th Column. They found another squad that appeared to be preparing for an attack, and set to work. After an intense battle they continued their patrol discussing what guns best suited the wide array of enemies they faced. Not more then 10 minutes had passed since he met Major Ursa, when Jag began carefully watching this particular stretch of road.


Jag slowed his pace and gripped his gun harder. He spoke into his helmet, “Major, we are being followed, I think-”


“Da,” the Major interrupted, “The enemy cowardly hides amongst the rooftops. Please do not slow down, pretend like you are ignoring.”


The two men continued their walk down the streets of Founder’s Falls. Suddenly, they broke into a sprint and darted down an alleyway. They came out, ducked under a bridge, crossed a street, went down a second alley, darted across another street, down a third alley, then a fourth alley, and finally disappeared.


Panting Jag asked the Major, “…what now…you sure this…is a good idea?” The Major aimed his gun toward an adjacent rooftop ledge and answered, “Da. The coward will show his face there, and I will kill it.” Jag agreed and the two were silent.


“I’m not so sure you guys…like, what if he finds a way to somehow, call me crazy, but to get here first?”


The Major’s eyes widened and he spun around to face Jag. Bending over his comrade was an armored suit, remarkably similar to Jag’s. Before the Major could pull the trigger of his weapon, Alex slide his arm under Jag’s neck and gripped him in a headlock prepared to use his head as a shield, “Now hold on there partner, we don’t want any casualties,” Alex shouted.


Jag struggled to regain control of his head, but Alex continued to taunt the Major, “Come on Major, let’s see what your superb sharp shooting skills can do.” Jag dropped his gun and used his free hands to fight off Alex, but to no avail. “What’s the life of one soldier,” Alex continued, “You guys are always sacrificing people left and right anyway. In fact,” Alex thought out loud placing his hand under his chin, “I think you enjoy sacrificing your comrades! I bet Nightstyke would agree…”


Major Ursa’s eyes flashed and he took careful aim. He nodded to Jag and then glared at his aggressor and spat, “Bah! You talk to much!”


Jag bent forward and slammed the back of his helmet into Alex’s face plate. Jag wrenched free and dove away, while Major Ursa pulled the trigger. A .50 caliber sniper shell spiraled down the barrel and screamed toward Alex, colliding right into his forehead. Alex’s head snapped backward almost 90 degrees and all three stood motionless.


But then Alex tightened his fist and bobbed his head forward, tilting it to one side. Jag let out a laugh of hysteria and the Major cursed.


Alex held out his hand, “I bet you two thought I was done for huh, oh I bet the look on your faces was priceless. A regular Kodak moment!”


Something fell into his hand and he tightened his fist again. Holding out his clenched fist he flashed his fingers, turned his hand and pointed up. Balancing on the tip of his index finger was the Major’s bullet. Jag grabbed his gun and muttered a curse. Alex tossed the bullet to Major Ursa and jumped backward accompanying it with a somersault and back flip.


“Take your best shot,” Alex laughed extending his claws. He stretched out his arms, then folding them in again, “You can’t hit me.”


Major Ursa took aim and fired, but Alex blocked it with ease. Major Ursa took aim again and fired off three more shots, all having the same fate as the first one. The Major, doing a great job to hide his frustration, held his gun tightly and planted his feet firmly. Alex, feeling the tension emitting from Major Ursa, copied his stance and beckoned him. Major Ursa braced himself and answered, “Svinya…”


A rush of bullets fled from his barrel but Alex was at the other end waiting. In a blur of lightning reflexes he began blocking every shot with one hand. His movement was unreal and frightening at best. His body began to bend backward and he quickly took a step back still knocking away the bullets. Jag screamed over the hellfire of ammunition, “Alright tough guy lets see how you do against twice as many bullets! Unlocking safety measures…rapid fire engaged!”


A second wave of lead filled the air and bolted toward Alex. The bullets pounded Alex and Jag laughed as he watched his shots hit their mark. But to Jag’s surprise the bullets were not hitting Alex at all; Alex had raised his other hand and began blocking his barrage of gunfire. Alex slowly retreated backward barely able to keep it up. Alex continued to deflect the wave of gunshots with blinding speed; his arms majestically blending into the air as he did so.


Ursa’s gun clicked, signaling its empty chamber. A few moments later Jag ran out of ammo and the clatter of metal striking metal died away. At both Major and Jag’s feet lay dozens of spent shells. At Alex’s feet lay about half the amount of smashed bullets. Everything around Alex was saturated in bullet holes; the walls, the ground, and even the nearby tree.


Panting, Alex held his hand up making a timeout gesture. His body was covered in streaks of black, and his hands and claws were almost entirely marked with a grayish and blackish tint. He then looked at his hands and his body and laughed. He slowly lifted his arms into the air. With blinding speed he buried them into the concrete and quickly pulled them out. Alex looked at his claws again; they were pure white, not even a dent on them. Jag fell to his knees and let out a cry.


Major Ursa’s face grew contort at this display of weakness and whispered, “Comrade, I am needing your help more then ever, please do not break down like sissy…” But Jag was utterly defeated in spirit and mind. He picked himself up and walked over the Alex. Alex, just as startled as the Major, waited for an explanation.


Jag knelt down before Alex and begged, “That is enough, I don’t know what you did to get this strong but I can’t match it. Major Ursa is one of the best shooters in the whole damn universe and you toyed with him like a simple child. Just end it now Alex. We’ll finish this fight in Hell.”


Alex shaking his head in dismay, called down to Jag, “See that wasn’t so hard, now hold still, I’ll make it quick and painless.”