The Back Alley Showdown! Part II

From the Story Arc: A Lust for Vengence

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(posted Saturday, September 11, 2004)

He slowly pulled up his right arm and brought it crashing down toward Jag’s head, but he did not strike him. Due to the well timed grenade the Major Ursa had fired, Alex had no choice but to block the grenade, with his claw. The explosion blasted Jag in one direction and Alex in the other. Alex laughed again at their efforts and reiterated, “You CAN’T hurt me!...what the hell is this thing?”          


Between his legs was a trip mine that Jag had managed to set and throw, all while Alex was distracted. Alex jumped back blocking at the same time, but was still caught in the explosion. He was propelled right into a store window with a menacing crash. Major Ursa and Jaguar 7 loaded their propellant and torched the building with their flamethrowers, not daring to let up.


But Alex wasn’t done yet; he leaped through the fire and slashed at the Major, who narrowly dodged it. Jag rolled and fired pop shots at Alex forcing him back. Furious, Alex screamed, “Nicely done! But Hell will freeze over before I let that happen again!”


He charged Jag slashing and slicing; Jag was at the end of his line, unable to even think about getting a shot off. All he could do now was use his gun as a shield. Major Ursa attacked Alex from behind, but Alex was relentless. He flipped over Jag’s head, skillfully maneuvering Jag into Ursa’s line of fire. “Comrade! I cannot get a clear shot!” the Major nervously shouted, but Jag was barely able to make out what Major Ursa was saying. He nodded and then switched to shot gun shells. At the expense of taking a stab in the right shoulder, Jag held Alex off just long enough to position his gun in between their bodies.


“Block this jackass,” Jag taunted as he fired his buckshot at point blank. Alex was thrown backward unable to block the vicious attack. The Major put his accuracy to work and aimed at his claws. “Invincible? I think nyet…” he whispered as he fired another .50 caliber slug.


Alex touched down with a careful flip, but before he could maneuver away, Major Ursa’s bullet struck his right hand, breaking two of his claws. Alex watched as his weapon was shattered from his precious gauntlet. He screamed as if dying in pain.


Jag and Major Ursa loaded up their guns and braced themselves for another Full-Auto barrage. They fired, but Alex was fully conscious of their plans. He leaped into the air, somersaulting and flipping away, until he landed onto a wall. There he sprinted along the wall while bullets trailed his path. He dove down onto Major Ursa, but deliberately missed.


Just as the Major turned to fire, Alex ran toward Jag, slashing the Major’s leg and rupturing his armor at the same time. The Major fell on one knee but kept his fire steady. Jag jumped out of the way and Alex fled along the wall again shouting down, “Come on you worthless dogs! You’re too damn slow!” Alex jumped down onto the ground and leaped onto a ledge. Enraged Jag began firing grenades and shotgun rounds.


The Major, now kneeling in a small pool of blood groaned to Jag, “Calm down…he is tricking you.” Jag ignored the Major, lost in his own rage. Alex dove down again bouncing off the anything he could land on, taking quick swipes at the both of them.


“God damnit! HOLD STILL!” Jag screamed.


Alex took this chance to sneak up behind the Major for a final blow, but someone was hovering over his disabled prey. The People’s Blade bent forward ready to defend Major Ursa with one hand on her sheathed sword. Too late to stop his momentum, Alex sighed and clawed at the General knowing the result. She easily blocked the attack and deflected him away from Major Ursa. Alex landed facing away, and then retracted his claws. He turned and saluted the General. The People’s Blade continued to hold her Floating Lily Stance.


The People’s Blade held her stance, Jade Emperor’s Whisper pointing at his throat. “One so fond of words needs two mouths to speak. Shall I carve you the second?”


Alex laughed and graciously bowed again. “Touché. But you and I are not destined to fight. Even with your billion or so odd years of training, you still can’t beat me. Make me break a sweat, but not beat me.”


The General eyed Alex with a look of contempt. “Come closer. I will share the Jade Emperor’s message with you.”


Laughing, Alex extended his claws and rubbed them against each other with a steady rhythm. He leaned forward, but then retracted his claws again. He stood straight up absolutely still and did nothing.


In a serious tone Alex called out to the General, “Tend to your pals lying helpless on the ground. I will take my leave now. I have urgent business to attend to.”

He leaped straight into the air with the flashy back flips and somersaults he was so fond of. He waved again to the General and vanished.


“Don’t let him get away!” Jag yelled as he ran off after him. He only managed a few feet before he collapsed from exhaustion. Jag looked at his arm, and watched the blood trickle down onto the ground from a forgotten wound he acquired moments ago. The General walked gracefully toward Jag and lowered herself to bandage his wound. He groaned something that resembled a “thank you” and she walked toward Major Ursa.


She gently helped Major Ursa bandage his leg. Then she stood, shaking her head as she surveyed the damage. Everything was in ruin. Bullet holes lined every inch of the alley and street, the walls were broken and crumbling, fire was set to everything flammable, and at any moment the entire alley could collapse. In a matter of half an hour, the quiet alley was transformed into a level 3 hazard zone. There was enough damage here to put the Rikti to shame.


The General sighed. “I have an urgent meeting. It is by chance that I came by here. Major Ursa, please submit a full report detailing everything that happened here to your Commissar as well as myself.” Major Ursa inclined his head.


She turned her cold gaze on Jaguar. “You and I are going to have another talk about your troublesome friends.” A brief bow to the Major, and then she leapt into the air, propelling herself out of view with a single step on a light post.


Jag offered the Major some help walking, but he refused. They left the alley, still dazed from what had happened. The Major broke the silence.


“Comrade, was that the one you are always complaining about, this Alex?”


Jag nodded. “Aiy Major, the devil himself.” He clenched his fist. “DAMN IT!”


The Major turned demanding to know why Jaguar 7 felt the need to scream in his ear. “Sorry Major, but you saw if for yourself, that guy is impossible, I don’t think I can beat him with just my gun! Why didn’t I take hand to hand combat or something…”

Major Ursa laughed, “DA! He is very strong and is like a mountain, yet small like cat. He was very good opponent!”


Jag slapped the Major on the back, “Damnit that’s not funny,” he laughed, “eventually I need to kill him…”