In The Lab

From the Story Arc: Khrushchev's Fate

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(posted Tuesday, September 14, 2004)

Back at the lab.

A small glass tube containing several small fragments of skin was placed into a holding chamber and was ready for transport.


“I’m sending you the skin sample now” he entered a five digit code on the keypad and hit execute.


“Transferring let me know when you have it”


The Main Frame analyzed the sample and began the Teleportation process.  The teleportation machine worked like a fax machine, except that it worked on 3-dimensional objects as well as documents, it produced an exact copy rather than an approximate facsimile, but it destroys the original in the process of scanning it.


“It’s coming through now.  Reassembly complete, the fragments seem in tact, I will give you a full report with my findings, it should be about two days max.”


“Listen be careful, it was tough enough getting these samples and I dare not try to get any more, let me know as soon as you get back the results”


“Very good, Do Svendaya”


“End Transmission” the computers female voice indicating the call was complete.


“Who were you talking to?”  Soviet Fire startled Siberian causing him to jump and knock over one of the small tables that was covered with instruments and other small tools.


“Don’t do that!” He began picking up the tools off the ground.  “To answer your question I was working with one of our scientists to analyze some of the skin fragments from Khrushchev’s mask.  We hope to have something soon and if all goes well we will have some answers to whether or not a re-image can be made”


“Right…look can you take a look at…”


“What the hell happened to your suit?”  Guard referred to a perfect cut along the stomach area.


“That oh it’s nothing I must have caught it on a twig or something”


“A twig” a puzzled look came over his face as he knew this was not the case.


“Yeah you know the part of the tree that sticks out…”


“I know what a twig is.  This cut is to perfect, and look here the fabric looks like it actually melted on impact.  What really was the cause of this?”


“Look its nothing just take a look at my back would you please.”  Turning around he lifted his shirt showing the heavy bruising and scratches.


“Well you are definitely going to be sore for a few days, nothing looks broken and the scratches are surface abrasions nothing to worry about.”


“Easy for you to say, the big dummy didn’t throw you into a wall.  I’m going to go lay own for a bit, maybe a day or two” Fire began limping away in an obvious attempt to make it seem worst than it was.


“Oh hey Blade was here looking for you, she seemed really intent on finding you”


Gulping for air and the color left his face like he had just seen a ghost.  “Really Blade, did she say want she ummm wanted?”


“No, she wouldn’t say”


“Well I’ll just umm find her later, yeh that’s it I will find her later.”


“Shall I tell her where you are? It seemed important”


“NO! I mean no you don’t have to do that, plus I think I am going to go out for a bit, somewhere far away”


“I though you were going to sleep?”


“Nyet, I think, I mean I forgot that….I need to do …something elsewhere.”


“Ok” giving him a funny look as to wonder what was going on between Blade and Fire.


Soviet Fire began to quickly run out of the Lab.


“Hey I thought you were just limping”


“Really?  Was I?  Well it appears to have gotten better, well got to run” While running out and still looking back he was unaware that Khrushchev was standing right at the door way.  Smashing into him a good speed he fell back to the ground landing on his back.


“Ohh God my back again”


“You should look where you run” Khrushchev exclaimed in a sarcastic manner.


“Yeh I’ll remember that”


“Here let me help you up” he reached out his hand to pick Fire back to a standing position.


“No that’s ok I’m all set, I will get up on my own just once my back resets itself, thanks though”


To be continued.