Interview with the Lancet

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(posted Wednesday, September 15, 2004)

"Interview with The Lancet


The Lancent (TL):  We begin our series on the science of super heroes with an interview of The Communard, one of Paragon City’s most powerful heroes.  The Communard has agreed explain to The Lancet an upcoming series of self-performed experiments intended to enhance his powers.  Communard, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

The Communard:  I was trained in science and medicine from the age of nine.  I was a precocious child, you see, and my parents recognized my talent at an early age.  I graduated from medical school at the age of twenty-three.  I have a daguerreotype from the period…here it is, that’s me on the left excising the scalp.

TL: Communard, can you tell us about your powers and the upcoming experiments?

The Communard:  Yes, well your readers may know that I achieved my psionic powers through a series of experiments that stimulated various elements of my brain as I determined necessary with the use of phrenology and physiognomy.  Next week I intend to recreate these experiments.

TL: Recreate?  Will you do anything different?

The Communard: Indeed I will.  I am particularly interested in stimulating the pineal gland.  I believe this will greatly enhance my powers.

TL:  How will you proceed?  What will you use to stimulate the pineal gland?

The Communard:  I will insert tongs and probes into my brain through my nasal cavities, ears, and through the optic nerve.  Once I have located the pineal gland I will “massage” it with small surgical tongs.  I have sketched out the procedure for your readers:

TL:  That looks both painful and risky.

The Communard:  You are right, of course, and obviously your readers should not attempt to replicate my experiments on themselves.

TL:  What are your expectations, your goals for this experiment?

The Communard:  Well clearly I am interested in increasing my power in order to better protect the city from the capitalist Rikti aliens!


TL: We wish you the best of luck sir.

The Communard:  Thank you, and good day.