Night Communication

From the Story Arc: Khrushchev's Fate

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(posted Thursday, September 16, 2004)

Awoken by several large tones Khrushchev managed to get up. Looking over at the clock he noticed the 2:30 AM time.

“This better not be Fire, or so help me I will put him through the wall. Computer, patch it through. What! Do you want”?

“Khrushchev, ist gut zu schließlich hier Ihnen, wir haben gedacht, daß Sie unser kleines Geschäft vergessen haben können, das wir diskutiert haben”.

“Khrushchev, is good to finally here you, we thought that you may have forgotten our little deal we discussed”.

“I thought I told you to never call me here we do not know who might be monitoring transmissions”.

"Sorgt sich, daß wir Übertragung codiert haben, der niemand dies verfolgen kann nicht".

"Don’t worries we have encoded transmission no one can trace this".

“Regardless of your capabilities, people here don’t care for me much as it is without them knowing I am talking to Kroenen member of the dark arts and the Nazi’s, sworn enemy of the CCCP. If they were to find out an immediate hunt for my death would begin promptly”.

"Sie unterschätzen uns, die 5. Spalte kann nicht genommen werden leicht und mit den Informationen, die Sie versorgen, können sein nur hilfreicher zu unserer Ursache".

"You underestimate us, the 5th column cannot be taken lightly and with the information that you provide can be only more helpful to our cause".

“About that deal….I believe I need to forget…”

"Es ist zu spätem Kameraden, plus was Sie zu Ihrem Selbst durch Sie chirurgische Sucht gemacht haben, ist unwiderruflich, kann nur die 5. Spalte Ihnen jetzt helfen. Wir können Sie geben, was Sie wollen"

"It is to late Comrade, plus what you have done to your self through your surgical addiction is irreversible, only the 5th Column can help you now. We can give you what you want"

Khrushchev sighed as he knew he had gone in to far, his wanting to fit in to be like the others would be their undoing. Reaching up and grabbing his face he realized what he had done. He had performed his own surgeries for years and had become malformed, no longer resembling a person, but rather a walking corpse.

“To look normal, to fit in.” he thought to himself. This was his goal, to finally be able to walk amongst the crowds to blend in to be normal, to be accepted by all, especially his comrades.

"Wir werden Sie koordinieren schicken,, daß Sie dort sind. Es wäre nicht weise, die 5. Spalte umzustürzen".

"We will send you coordinates, make sure you are there. It would not be wise to upset the 5th Column".

“Da, I know send it through, I will be there. Computer end transmission.”

The computer analyzed the information and presented the coordinates.

“Founders Falls, buried deep in the canal docks, pier number 4”

Laying back down his mind began to wonder, the thoughts of a new life were interrupted by the thoughts of what evil he might have just unleashed. With his mind wandering and unable to find rest even with the knowledge that normalcy was right around the corner he made his way to the small window of his room. He looked to the grounds below and could see two of his comrades, Commissar Saviour and her love Mosca. “I could have that now”, Khrushchev referred to the idea of love, the need to feel wanted. He continued to watch how happy they were and thought “What have I done, my greed, my vanity will cause them and all of the others to have nothing”.

He lay back down and a few tears ran down his face.

To be continued...