Website is Inferior!

(posted Monday, May 31, 2004)

Comrades. The Central Committee is very disappointed in website of American branch of CCCP. I include excerpt from exploratory report by CCCP Public Relations Committee member C0d3 Warr10r.

These orders are to be followed to the letter.

"Site is inferior. Inferiority shames CCCP. Action must to be taken to correct following egregious flaws:

1) News must feature small icon with picture of face of news author. Failure to provide this picture unacceptable.
2) Membership Roster is like stupid child's scrapbook. I vomit on it. Database connectivity, dynamic population of page to be implemented immediately. Failure to do so unacceptable.
3) Forum is ok.
4) Complete lack of organization plans for teams. Is no list of teammates by specialty. Useless as planning tool. Failure, failure, failure.
5) Lack of female eye candy, with possible exception of Red Saviour's magazine spread. Without, site will fail to attract interest of decadent American public. To accelerate process, I will share pictures from secret showercams in quarters of Red Saviour, Sister Soviet (is my favorite), People's Blade (for decadent American asian fetishists) and Mojiotok (for ladies and swingers). Already have sorted in database.
6) Store is nothing. Where is store? I want People's Blade tee shirt.

Recommend immediate suspension of current webmaster, but only after changes made."