WCO: Memo 2035-F

(posted Thursday, September 16, 2004)

Internal Memo 2035-F

"Emphasis of Coordination with Division 2 subjects and Field Operations"

Comrades, I am requesting more efforts from Division 2 to monitor individual heroes especially those in the United States that maintain an association with their respective homeland's intelligence agencies. Recently there has been an incident interfering with Division 3's attempts to destabilize world relations in North Korea with Operation: Habanero. As a quick summary, the operation was to steal several missiles and sell them to fascist elements in South America. This would result in achieving two long term strategic goals for our efforts.

First, to improve guerilla efforts to bring about fascism in key South and Central American countries. The arise of such elements will further strengthen resolve and public support for stronger central governments. We expect current communist states to be bolstered fighting these elements, while democratic nations are weakened by the presence of these radical guerillas. In both types of governments, elements from Division 3's South American branch will aid (or hinder) government responses to these threats. Additionally, the public perception of government weakness in certain democratic states against these threats of fascism will be pushed further from our propaganda efforts.

Second, doctored classified material was to be leaked to Western intelligence agencies implying that North Korea sold the missiles to these radical South American guerillas. This was to erode the developing goodwill between North and South Korea. Also, this would further sour the world view of North Korea and foster an isolationist stance within the current regime. We are continually planting several key WCO operatives in the North Korean Party. As long as the current regime is perceived by the world as radical, our efforts to topple it, and replace it with a 'modernized' North Korea firmly under control of WCO will be possible.

The operation was hampered by the involvement of 5 Year Plan. By elements in the Chinese Ministry of State Security independent of our WCO influenced agents, he was sent to prevent the acquisition of the missiles. Division 3's operatives detonated several missiles in the fight, destroying themselves and much of the missile complex. Our WCO operatives within the Chinese Ministry of State Security have managed to recover some remains of 5 Year Plan. I understand that current efforts of China to develop android technology are underway utilizing these remains under the guidance of our Division 4 operatives.

Western intelligence agencies were quick to provide material that the recent explosion was near a missile testing facility to the world press. Our agents in North Korea were able to counter the reports with a cover story (construction of a hydraulic damn if I remember correctly). Efforts are underway from the Chinese government to provide a cover story explaining the death of 5 Year Plan.

Attached is an internal memo acquired from the Chinese Ministry of State Security.

General Lu Kai-Shek

WCO Division One

Superhero Defense Department Chi

Internal Memo from Chinese Ministery of State Security

I am sad to inform our Minister of State Security that comrade 5 Year Plan has fallen defending our great nation. Our agents within North Korea had discovered a plot to steal missiles from the North Korean army. As of now we are unable to ascertain which nation or political group was responsible for conducting the theft. 5 Year Plan was activated and returned from his current base of operations in the United States to stop this event.

Apparently he was able to intercept the individuals as they were stealing the missiles. In the ensuing fight a missile was detonated, causing others to detonate in a chain reaction. As per standard doctrine, efforts were made to hide our espionage activity and agents were able to recover the remains of 5 Year Plan before North Korean authorities could investigate further. Our research and development branch has requested tissue samples from 5 Year Plan, which were procured. Our propaganda department will provide a cover story explaining his death shortly.

Col. Lee Woo-Kyung

Ministry of State Security