The Passing of 5 Year Plan

(posted Friday, September 17, 2004)


It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of our comrade and my countryman, 5 Year Plan.

Words fail me tonight. My thoughts lie with him and cannot be expressed. I will merely share the communique from Beijing, and beg your forgiveness at my shortcomings.

I will host a memorial service on Friday following the moment of silence.

Press Release Follows:

Hero of China, 5 Year Plan died in auto accident September 14, 2004. While on his way to attend a Chinese opera, his vehicle was crushed by a large sanitation truck that had crossed the median. The head on collision, and resulting explosion, killed the driver and 5 Year Plan. The driver and coworker of the sanitation truck had escaped unharmed. Authorities are investigating any criminal negligence in the manner. From preliminary statements, it appears the driver of the sanitation truck lost control of his vehicle after a tire blew out.

5 Year Plan was a member of CCCP and Red Brigade, assisting other communist heroes in the United States. He was well known for his earlier exploits in China as the hero of Shanghai, for his steadfast work in fighting the Triads. For many years in China he was a hero of the people and party, risking his life in 1989 to save many coal miners trapped in a cave in. Also for his work to help others caught in the severe mudslides and floods throughout the lower region of China in the summer of 1992.

As requested by his family, no public service will be held. China party officials however are requesting a 5 minute moment of silence at noon, Friday, Sept 17, to recognize the bravery and sacrifice of a hero to China and her people.