Re: Old dog has learned new trick!

(posted Tuesday, September 28, 2004)

Zadrastvuitye, Papa!

Please forgive this very naughty devushka for not writing. It has been a very busy month! I am sure you remember how work can consume your life and leave nothing but droppings. CCCP America is even worse.

But all this hard work has paid off. The team is stronger than ever, with renewed enthusiasm. After the death of Worker's Champion, and the installation of Uncle Mojiotok as Chairman, a sense of relief has buoyed our morale. We are no longer shackled by his arbitrary demands. Papa, I know he was your friend, but his behavior in the last few years was erratic. There were times when I thought I was due for the Gulag. When I resigned...well, you know about that. I was at the end of my bottle of vodka. I felt helpless to protect Moji and little Bestla, but no one understood how hard I fought.

It was a trying time, one of the worst I have faced. But through adversity we grow strong, nyet? Even though I look back on that time with regret, I have gained something special from it: my darling Santiago. Da, I am sure you have heard from the housewives that Red Saviour has romance in her life. Izvinit, Papa, I should have told you myself, but I wanted to be sure of him before I shared him with you.

He is very much like you, Papa. Strong and patient, kind but firm. Exactly the qualities you might expect in a man who can tame your Little Hawk! Although I am not quite tamed. He's a Spaniard, and I think he is used to submissive women, so I am teaching him quite a bit about the Russian character.

Papa, I have never been so happy! In Santi I feel that I have found a partner who can be an equal. And he is a good Communist, and brave fighter. I taught him some strikes and he used them to smash a Nazi robot! I nearly wept with joy. I cannot wait for you to meet him.

You asked in your last letter about Moji. He is doing much better. When his body first manifested the quills, he was a raving madman, and vampiric too. We eventually found a way for him to get sustenance without attacking people, and that seemed to restore the old Moji I grew up with. In fact, we get along better now than before, strangely enough. I think our trials have taught us the value of friendship. Like the wolves and the hunters. I am so relieved to still have my little brother Moji with me again.

Fei Li, I fear, is not so well. In all the times I've known her, I have never seen her so distracted. I think that Fei Li the adult woman is coming into conflict with Shen Xue, the possessing spirit. He is all business, and allows her no time to develop as a person. Sometimes her behavior reminds me of myself at 16! Rebellious, quick-tempered (do not laugh, Papa), irrational. She thinks she has to be a robot for the Chinese people, but what about the woman herself? What about Fei Li and her own life? It never troubled me before, but with Santi I can see how much more effective I am when I have balance in my life. Perhaps the General doesn't understand, but he has lived his life. It's Fei Li's turn! If you have any advice, please offer it, but I don't suppose many people have had to council a woman possessed by an ancient ghost.

We have almost reached the end of our Red October Recruiting drive. The results have been mixed. Many responses, but too few champions of the proletariat. I quickly snapped up Trans-Siberian (da,you remember him!), Krasnij Oktyaber, Tengri (she is like a little Red Saviour...Bestla has adopted her, it is very charming), Izgib. But Fei Li and her love of strays...she went against my recommendation and inducted an American, Connie Pinkaux, who has no grasp of Marxism, or anything beyond shopping malls. It pains me. There are other candidates who we are in the process of assessing, but Papa, so few heroes work for the collective good any more! I worry for the future of this country. Amerikantskii are good people, but they have been lied to for so long that they do not even know where to begin with revolution.

Well, dinner awaits. I send this email now and hope to hear back soon. Check your email more than once a week, you old man!