Justice meted out by courageous communist warriors!

(posted Tuesday, May 04, 2004)

Good time to you, comrades! I, Red Saviour, am to give you update on CCCP activities in Pinnacle region of ravaged capitalist enclave Paragon City.

Commissars Ununtriarch and I have been scouting the city for trouble areas. They are as follows: everywhere! What the mess we see! Citizens running for safety, having purses pulled out of hands by fascist thugs, cries for help on every corner not occupied by criminals. Not safe for anyone in streets, not even heroic Communist crusaders.

For example, we have fought many incursions of very sinister Clockworks. Small mechanical robots that hit you and zap you with electricity. They don't look like they should be walking and zapping, but they certainly do. Look at this picture of giant Clockwork named Bolts. Obviously, not all Clockworks are small. Also admire one of my stylish CCCP official uniforms. Like any girl, I have many! Had to throw this one away from sewer smell.

We eagerly await our comrades Mojiotok and Pravda to join us in fixing American city. Brave people's heroes Stalin's Ghost, Supernaut, Crimson Cascade and Free Radical have already contributed to noble struggle against oppression. We welcome new recruit People's Blade from People's Republic of China to the fold, and hope that the occasional tensions between our two worker's paradises reflect not on our friendship as we fight evil side by side. Especially considering sharp sword.