The Meeting

From the Story Arc: Khrushchev's Fate

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(posted Thursday, September 30, 2004)

The Meeting

Founders Falls the last remnants of Old Paragon, small city blocks that look like individual towns connected by canals and bridges an old world feel surviving into the new century. Trees and hills lined its outer banks while the city was filled with shops and café’s and its streets crowded with people. If a city had a heart Williams Square would be it. A huge courtyard was circled with intricate buildings, their designs like hand carved works of art, which had become worn from the elements of time. In its center a large fountain of granite and marble, the water sparkled from loose change as if it were a giant wishing well. The sound of bells echoed through the square, and with the sun setting a pinkish hue colored the buildings. With the evening coming like most portions of Paragon the streets would become desolate, but even with nightfall approaching he would stand out, blending in would be a problem. A familiar blue mist came over him and he was gone, cloaked, and no longer visible to the human eye. “Pier 4” he thought to himself.

A small patrol of Column forces, made their way just past the south entrance. The group made the towns people uneasy, while they were always aware of their presence, they stayed to the outlying areas an the deeper portions of the city, usually keeping from coming in direct contact with its most populated regions. “What are they doing here? Could they be on to me?” Playing it safe he waited, though the chime of the Bells indicated his time was almost up and he must go soon. The Patrol appeared to finish their route, and with Super Speed activated he continued on. A fast blur raced down the streets, most did not even notice and the few that did just would shake their heads in wonder and confusion. “That must be it” referring to what could only be Pier four. A large wooded dock with four towering monuments two at the front and two by the waters edge rose into the night sky.

“Well no one is here” the thought of a possible setup came over his mind. He looked out over the water watching the boats rock with the waves, the now rising moon glistened over the sea. “A thing of beauty, a picture like that should be framed, still something is not right, I feel like…feel like”

“Sie’betr. zugeschaut zu werden” (You’re being watched)

A startled Khrushchev jumped around a brought up his gun; standing behind him was Ruprecht and a group of his cronies, all pointing their guns directly at his head.

“Wachen fallenlassen Ihre Waffen! das ist kein Weg, unseren Gast zu begrüßen,”

“Guards drop your weapons! that is no way to greet our guest” following orders they brought their guns back to their sides.

“Kamerad, den es kein Bedürfnis für das gibt, wir sind hier geschäftlich, und Sie werden das nicht brauchen”.

“Comrade there is no need for that, we are here on business, and you will not need that”.

“Right…I’ll just hold on to that if you don’t mind”

“Anpaßt sich, kommt uns gehen irgendwo wir Geschäft läßt können diskutieren”.

“Suit yourself, come lets us go somewhere we can discuss business”.

After tensions settled a bit and through some encouragement he put the gun away and was led through an opening just at the side of the dock. They traveled downward for what felt like some several miles under the city, coming upon a huge cavern. Heavy machinery was everywhere, and an endless supply of workers were all busy, creating what only could be described as a complex tunnel system connecting various bases to this one central point. They made their way up a series of metal stair cases till they reached the highest point of the base. He was led into a large room; a massive mahogany table sat in the center, dark and rich looking with hand made carvings, inlaid in gold and in the center the 5th Column emblem.

“Kamerad, sitzt ist gemütlich. Wachen verlassen uns”

“Comrade, sit be comfortable. Guards you may leave us”

“An was denkt Sie mein unterirdischer Zufluchtsort, es ist ein Ding der Schönheit, nein”?

“What do you think of my underground haven, it is a thing of beauty, no”?

“How did you know I was here?”

“Immer Befragen, es ist eine gute Seite der es von von Ihnen zeigt Ihre Intelligenz, habe ich mich gewundert, wenn Sie nach das fragen würden. Meine Drohnen haben ausgezeichnete Sicht und den sie lösen von erhitzt ebenso, und sie haben Sie vor einer Zeit, Recht befleckt, als Sie William Quadrat eingetragen haben, das ich glaube”.

“Always questioning, it is a good side of you it shows your intelligence, I wondered when you would ask about that. My drones have excellent vision and they work off of heat, they spotted you some time ago, right when you entered Williams square I believe”.

“Drones?” recalling to himself that he did not see any even in that small patrol. “The 5th Column does not have that type of technology only the …Rik”

“Rikiti Kamerad, sehr gut Sie sind sehr kenntnisreich, ah ja Sie sehen, daß Sie nicht das einzige sind, das ich behandle. Geflügelkreaturen der Rikiti, aber was sie in Weisen mangeln, die sie danner auf für mit einem Technologischen Können machen”.

“Rikiti comrade, very good you are very knowledgeable, ah yes you see you are not the only one I deal with. Fowl creatures the Rikiti, but what they lack in manners they more then make up for with a Technological Prowess”.

“Yeh and what exactly to you give them in return”?

“Sie immer machen mich lache Sie und Sie kleine Gruppe, die Informationen ist, wie Sie Klassifiziert” sagen

Laughing hardily, “You always make me laugh you and you little group, that information is how you say Classified.”

A frustrated Khrushchev pounded the table, “look lets just skip the pleasantries, and you said you could help me”.

“Geduld kamerad, Sie zuerst zeigen mich, daß Sie Ihr Ende vom Handel getroffen haben. Haben Sie die Informationen, die ich gefragt habe?”

“Patience Comrade, you first show me that you have met your end of the bargain. Do you have the information I have asked?” Khrushchev sighed, reaching down he opened a small container in it he removed the disk. Throwing it across the table Ruprecht snatched it in his hands.

“Ausgezeichnet, hat es alles?”

“Excellent, it has everything?”

“Da, names, places, times…”

“Gut, sehr gut, kommt läßt uns gehen sieht den guten Doktor”

“Good, very good, come let us go see the good Doctor”

To be continued…