From the Story Arc: A Lust for Vengence

Previous Story in the Arc: The Brawl at Uncle Chen's by Jaguar 7 (Friday, October 01, 2004)

(posted Tuesday, October 05, 2004)

To: All Red Brigade personnel
CC: Commissar Mojiotok, CCCP

Recently, we encountered a security breach of our mainframe at Red Brigade headquarters. Classified computer files were accessed and my assumption is that the information on those files are now in the possession of Crey industries. All Brigade, active and inactive, are advised to vacate all reported living quarters outside the base and relocate. If we knew about it, there's a good chance that they now do. The worst part is that one of our own was responsible. Isis Stone is no longer a member of the Red Brigade and is to be considered a dangerous enemy. She has allied herself with Crey and is now heading a strike team.

If she is sighted, do not engage her. She could easily have the rest of her team nearby and trying to lure us out into the open. Report all sightings IMMEDIATELTY to me since The General is in Moscow for the next few weeks. That goes especially for anyone with the number 7 in any version of their codename. If I so much as hear about you thinking about going after Crey I would be more than happy to make sure that the hospital has a very easy time keeping track of you, kid. We will be gathering information on Crey in the meantime in hopes of finding out exactly what they know.

The Red Brigade