Rambling Drunk

(posted Friday, October 15, 2004)

...we used to go out see, we were lovers, [hic] lovers. We reshcued them y'know, in Russia, we flew all the [hic] all the way to Russia and we reshcued them. Nobody elsh did that y'know, [hic] they were all quitting or taking over or or whatever. And you know what, it wash my idea! I got dem all to go! AND I got them to make him [hic] make him commishar! He'd be noffin without me. Where'd I push my cigs...NOW! Ophelia tellsh me that he's a [hic] a murderer. A MURDERER! He killed four peoples. Four. Now he's a commissar and everybody lubs him. Maybe I should murder some people and then I'll get to be commishar to. I really hate them all...no...I aint seen Bestla forever...she's the only one left y'know. She's still my friend. [hic] I think, unless one of those bashtards said something to her that I aint never said. See they do that, they talk about you behind your back all the time and then act like they're, they act like they're your friend and shtuff and they never really tell you [hic] tel you what they're thinking. HA! My lover the murderer! He really wasn't a very good lover y'know. Strictly missionary. No fun at all. You'd think a super hero would have some pizzazz or some oomph or something. Aaaanyway, there's this dead girl, Ophelia...she showed me the trug [hic] truth of it all. They're a bunch of hypocrites with all their "hearts and minds" bull...for Christ sake! HE MURDERED FOUR PEOPLE! HEY! HEY BARTENDER GUY! Bring me anotha beer and a shot of Makers...and bring one for this guy here...what's your name again? Right, well anyway, bring whatisname here a shot. I got money! Here, put it on this credit card. HA! It's the Red Brigade card...they owe me this much at least...bastards.