Welcome Newest Members

(posted Tuesday, June 01, 2004)

We have had several new members in the last two weeks and I would like to formally welcome them to the CCCP:

Bering Straight, Ursa Minor, Wolf-Hound, Capt. Communism, Red Spectre, Hammer of Fire, Sickle of Ice, Main Vain, Gato Rojo, Spanish Fly, ICBM and Moscow

We welcome you to CCCP! We are sure that you will be fine additions to our glorious group of workers fighting for the greater good and advancement of communism throughout Paragon City. Always remember that we are representatives of higher ideal. We are minority and many will look down on us, but we are strong and we are united. None will stand in our way.

I would also like to take opportunity to remind new and existing members that you must submit your paperwork! All new member listed above (excepting Bering Straight) and the following existing members have not complied with CCCP guideline to send biography! This is unacceptable! The members who have not complied are: Collective Fist, Life Span, Soviet Star, Blazing Silver, Missy Mark, and Sister Soviet. You have one week to comply.