Notice of Holiday

(posted Tuesday, November 02, 2004)


First, allow me to express my gratitude to those who came to my aid in my recent confrontation with the Tsoo. Two hundred and fifty six Tsoo were arrested or interred. While the Paragon City police are still squeamish about the casualties, they are not unhappy about the blow we have struck these treacherous dogs.

I am especially proud of the conduct of my students Cyriss McCloud and Grandmaster Te. They performed admirably, with no regard to their own safety.

Tengri deserves special commodations for bravery. Despite her age and inexperience, she single-handedly fought of dozens of Tsoo. She bore her wounds with courage. I predict we will all be working for her one day.

Kostyak was every inch of the leader I needed in a time of crisis. His support was invaluable.

My dear friend Hoax, of the Mutant Liberation Front, was caught in this crossfire and stood by me fearlessly. I am humbled by her loyalty. My gratitude cannot be fully expressed.

In the course of the day, I sustained several near-fatal wounds. Through my own healing techniques and Kostyak's help I survived, but my body now pays the price. Soviette has ordered me to take a month's rest, forgoing strenuous physical activity. She also recommended a vacation. I will not dispute her advice, knowing that Kostyak is fully capable of leading the Red Brigade without me.

Qing and I will be staying in Mexico until early December. I hope to have a clear mind and a healthy tan by the end of the month.

Xie xie for your support and concern. I am grateful and happy to be part of so caring an organization.

Xiao Fei Li