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From the Story Arc: The Arrest

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(posted Wednesday, November 03, 2004)

Tonight on Paragon City news

“Good Evening and Welcome to Paragon City News I’m Tom Daley, and I’m Diane Smith”


“Scientists from the Committee on Air Pollution Concerns gathered today in Talos Island to discuss pollution problems that plague some of Paragon City’s surrounding areas. Specifically Kings Row which due to heavy manufacturing and refineries has brought the air quality to dangerous levels, more on that later”.


“Now today’s top story, local officials have said that a member of the Super Group Coalition of Communist Crusaders for the Proletariat or the CCCP has been taken into custody and has been brought to Kings Row Police Headquarters for questioning. We are going now to Dave Francis who is live at CCCP headquarters where I believe we are about to hear shortly from Detective Paul Blake who will be giving a statement on today’s events. Let’s send it over to Dave Francis who is at the scene”

“Thanks Tom I am down here at the front of CCCP headquarters where about one hour ago CCCP Official Khrushchev was taken away in restraints by several heavily armed Paragon Police and Paragon Police drones. This all stems around events that happened one week ago when a couple of locals stumbled upon two bodies that were severely burned and had begun decomposing. Top researchers at the University of Paragon through DNA techniques were able to identify the bodies, however officially nothing has been put out due to the fact that he is a member of a high ranking Super Group. Further more numerous rumors are speculating that he may have been directly involved with the deaths of two super heroes and may have been working along side and have links to the notorious 5th Column”.

Shouting erupts from the dozen of reporters and T.V. crews.

“I’m Paul Blake Detective 2nd Division Paragon Police and I will be taking a few questions so let’s get this started”.

Yes, you in the back, “Yes hi Angela Hopper Paragon Times can you give us a sense of Khrushchev’s feelings at the time of arrest, was he startled, did he put up any type of resistance?”

“I can tell you he did not give us any struggle and has been cooperating with us at this time, as for his mood I couldn’t tell you, he shows no emotion”

“Next…yup go ahead” pointing his finger to the reporter up front.

“Dave Francis Channel 5, rumors are swirling about that the murders were of two CCCP Comrades, can you give us any insight on that”

“I can tell you now that the two people killed were not direct members with the CCCP but had done some work for the group”

“So they were Super Heroes”

“I cannot say that at this time”

A shout from the back of the crowd cam from an unidentifiable source “Can you confirm the rumors of possible 5th Column activity?”

“I can neither confirm nor deny that information at this time, I can tell you that he is in our custody and we are gathering information at this time. Ok that’s it folks, you’ll know something as soon as I do.”

A series of questions were blurted out, but amongst the noise they could not be clearly heard.

“No further questions”.

The detective made his way to a squad car along with several dressed officers and left the area.

“Well that’s what we have right now Tom, Comrade Nikita Khrushchev is in custody and several rumors are floating around that he maybe involved directly with the 5th Column, back to you”

“Dave before we let you go we're you able to get any information from the other members of the CCCP?”

“None of the higher ranking Commissars were present or available for comment, one of the other officials when questioned had shook her had and would not answer”

“Ok will wait to hear more.”