Police Headquarters

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(posted Monday, November 08, 2004)

Police Headquarters

“I must have a word with you”

“Not now Paul, I have pressing matters to attend to”

“More pressing than this?”

Walking back towards the Commissioners office the Detective barraged him with questions.

“He has rights just like anyone else here does, we need to give him that much”.

“He does not have any rights and you will drop that tone”.

“Why because he is a super hero”?

“I said drop it”!

“The heroes of this city have rights like normal citizens and he has done much for this city…”

He started to yell but tailed it off in an almost whispering voice when he noticed the conversation was attracting to much attention. “Get in my office. They walked in, he shut the door behind him and closed the shades. “Have a seat”.

The Detective sat down in the chair, the Commissioner sat down behind the large wood desk and began tapping his pen in a nervous fashion.

“He or it is a failed experiment and nothing more”

“An experiment?”

“About 30 years ago we meaning Paragon Police worked with Crey technologies to try and create a super human to…”

“Don’t you mean a super hero”?

“No, a super human, technically he has no super powers but through science and technology we enhanced his capabilities and manipulated his brain to give him the strength, intelligence and abilities that he has toady. These were secret experiments, classified so what I tell you does not go from this room, agreed”

“I am not going to profess that I understand how they did it but I can give you the why. Crey determined it could do just as good of a job eliminating the filth of society without super heroes. Crey’s philosophy was that mutants, gentetic mismatches or whatever you call them were a nusence to society”

“Mutants? Who are they?”

“Superheroes, Crey deemed anyone possessing powers that were unnatural to be a mutant, hence all superheroes were placed in that category”

“But what of all the good they have done?”

“I understand that, but from Crey’s point of view they were losing money, no one needs their protection if there are superheroes around. So they started this program, to create super humans, machine, whatever you want to call them. Then they would paint the superheroes in a light that would show them as a menace and not as a benefit, therefore the Red Murder spree.”

“I see you read the paper, catchy title”

“Yes, word gets out fast, and the super group lends it’s name to that, and it’s working the people believe he was responsible”

“But he wasn’t?...right?”

“I can’t say anymore just know that this goes deeper and it’s not going to end here”.

“Wait it cannot not end like…”

“That is all”

“But Commissioner?”

“You are Dismissed”!

“Yes Sir” he said in a dismayed voice. Getting up he turned to leave.

“I need not remind you that what was said here stays here”

The detective acknowledged, nodded and left.

Reaching over his desk he pressed a button on the intercom, “Mary could you come in here”

“I will be right in” .

Mary walked in through the door and noticed the Commissioner had his head in is hands.

“Is everything alright sir, I saw the Detective storm out of the building”

“Hmmm what?, oh yes everything is fine”

I need you to send a memo to the CCCP.

To be continued.