(posted Wednesday, November 10, 2004)

CCCP Uniform

Commissar Mojiotok Sr. has passed down orders that CCCP and Red Brigade must maintain united front in light of incursions of consumerism and individualism in American team. In face of adversity, we must return to our roots! Thus, while in extensive meetings with CCCP Central Committee in Moscow, I proposed design for new uniform. They accepted, signalling will of people!

CCCP will pay for uniforms to be custom made to these specifications. For those in armor, we have contracted metal worker with very nice spray paint gun to make armor match uniform.

Compliance is mandatory! You must have official uniform on hand at all times for inspection! You may retain your original costumes for personal use.

Please to see pictures of Volki and I modelling CCCPuniform. I wear standard, plus optional cape and mask. Volki wears variant with pants and boots (his gloves and armor have been recolored to match uniform). Is bolshoi handsome outfits, nyet?

Red Brigade Outfit will be same, but with different Star.

Red Saviour
Commissar, CCCP


(( OOC note from Steve:

We have decided to add a little flare into the group. When your character gets a SECOND COSTUME SLOT, you will be asked to make a CCCP uniform. Until level 20, you have your own look. You can wear the official uniform whenever you want: on a team to make an impression on outsiders, in unity with teammates for that united front look, if we do any parading, etc. Otherwise, it's entirely optional.

There are some amusing RP opportunities with mandatory dress codes! I imagine that most of the Russians will accept it either with enthusiasm or the usual resignation. The Amerikantskii heroes...well...they don't like being told how to dress!

We will also plan some group events where we parade in our uniforms. (At last, I have found a use for Group Fly!) In fact, I'd like to have a dozen CCCPers show up at one of these community meetings hosted by Statesman and give a lecture to him on the evils of capitalism!

CCCP will pay for the costume change. Either find a commissar, or remember the amount and we'll reimburse you.