Reassignment and Red Brigade Fate

(posted Friday, November 12, 2004)


I am required to inform you of my impending reassignment. Moscow feels that I have failed to perform my duty as Acting Commissar of CCCP. They cite discipline problems in troops, widespread refusal to adopt official uniform, tolerance of ideological differences, grievous security breaches, insistance on independence of Red Brigade, inadequate patrol hour logging on behalf, and moral turpitude. I must accept their evaluation as loyal worker.

I will retain of rank Commissar, but my duties primarily concern paperwork. I will not be patrolling or undertaking field operations. If you are having trouble with paperwork, I will be available in my office at all times.

Additionally, my requests for continued independent operation of Red Brigade have been refused, as have funding requests for rebuilding Red Brigade Headquarters. Red Brigade is now sub-section of CCCP. Is still under control of People's Blade, who retains rank and authority.

It was my honor to fight for rights of CCCP and Red Brigade, and revolution in america. Now I will be happy to help with health insurance claims, i.d. badges, office supply requests, and other bureaucratic matters.

Commissar Mojiotok is now ranking Commissar in CCCP.

If having questions, I am being in office, filling out request for repairs of hole in wall and broken furniture.

Red Saviour
Commissar, Office Manager