At the Lab

From the Story Arc: The Arrest

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(posted Thursday, November 18, 2004)

“Good morning Detective”

“Mary, you can call me Paul we have known each other for almost 15 years”

“Sorry Detective…I mean Paul, the Commissioner is not in yet, and he’s at a briefing but should be back later. Is there something I could help you with or do you want me to just let him know you stopped by”?

“No that’s ok”

“Ok well…”

“Wait have you seen Tom?”

“Let me check I have not seen him yet…let’s see he checked in at 8:30 and I show him down at the lab, I would try there”


“So should I let him know you stopped by?”

“No…No that won’t be necessary, thanks”

“Sure thing”

Getting into his car he drove through Kings Row from headquarters to the lab. While it was within walking distance people were rarely walking outside because of the heavy pollution and the continuing street crime. As he approached the guard shack he waved his badge, the two armed officers opened the gate and let him pass. “Ahh nice and close” parking underground at this time usually meant you were 4 or 5 floors down, but he found a spot close to the door. He began walking towards the entrance; two police drones guarded the doors and prompted him for his identification.

“Please Identify”

“Paul Blake, security code 1145632A”

“Entrance code validated, Welcome Detective”

The inside of the building was not indicative of the outside or its surroundings. You were greeted to a large granite foyer, artwork lined the side walls and a large statue, the lady of Justice stood at the end. Two officers stood at the desk, one a long time cop and the other a rookie, both given cushiony desk jobs, just behind them were two more heavily armed guards standing by a bank of elevators.

“Hey Detective how’s it hanging?”

“Same old Charlie and you”?

“Hey can’t complain, who you here to see today?”

“Tom Beckner, I think he is in the lab”

“Yup just sign hear.”

As he approached the elevator, the guards approached the detective one with gun drawn as protocol dictated.

“Detective if you could just place your hand on the pad for verification, then we can let you head on down”

Placing his hand on the pad, a gel like substance covered his finger tips as he pressed down.

“Is this really needed I mean I have only been coming here for…”

“I know but it company policy and their cracking down on us hard to follow regulations”

“I understand it’s just you can’t get this shit off your hands without using a Scotch Brite pad”

A series of tones indicated that the scan had been completed, authorization was allowed.

“You’re all set; he’s on sub basement five”

The elevator doors opened and Paul made his way inside. A slight glance to one of the monitors alerted Charlie, “Hey Paul you can’t park there that’s the commissioners’ spot…”

“Oh yeah here be a pal move it for me”

“Wait, I am not moving your car you need to”. Leaning out of the elevator he tossed his keys to the guard who caught them and stared in disbelief.

“I’ll be back up shortly thanks you’re a good frie….”

His voice trailed off as the doors to the elevator closed. “Damn, he does this a lot you know, here move this”

“Can’t it wait, I mean I do not think the commissioner is do back in until late, and he said it would only be a couple of minutes”

“No it has to get moved now, looks like there are openings about 6 levels down”

“Six! ah come on you know how I hate going down there….it gives me the creeps being down there in the dark”

“Well take a flashlight then…and here take a gun”

“A gun! Oh that’s reassuring, what the hell do I need a gun for?”

“Just go, the quicker you go the quicker you get back, plus I got Doris brining in donuts”

Chapter 2

“I need to find some information on the two murders, specifically some information on time of death, that information along with trying to talk to Khrushchev might prove eventful”

“Well it’s too late for that”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean he was sentenced last night he is on his way to prison as we speak”

“What when the hell did that happen?”

“Last night, don’t you read the paper, watch the news, you do know it’s on at 10:00 PM Now?”


“Oh yeah, great news plus they have that hot chick, what’s her name, you know the one with the big rack”

“I know it’s on at ten! I just…I had a long night and overslept this morning, I didn’t have time to read the paper”.

“Well I still have access to Kings Row prison, so I can talk to him there; see why he pleaded that way”

“He’s not headed there”

“What do you mean it says that right here it’s in the paper, Christ it’s in the headline, I mean look I’m reading the paper”

“I know it says that but rumor has it that he is, (picking up a napkin and with a marker he writes “here down in level 7”

“Why would they send him here? Tom motions with his hands for him to speak quietly. Whispering “How the hell was he sentenced already there has not even been a trial yet?”

“Not sure…to both”

“It’s probably because of what he is” Paul says in a fashion where it seems as if he were thinking aloud.

“What do you mean what he is…?”

“Detective! you said what”

“What…oh nothing I mean who”

“Yeah right, well it’s only a rumor”

“You have access to that level?”

“Well no and…..yes”

“Well…Which is it?”

“No, I do not have that level of security clearance, but I have found a way around certain security devices and it might get you down there, but its not full proof, and if they catch you….well you know what happens then”

Chapter 3

“I can’t believe I have to move this car” He started to make his way down the spiraling ramps, level two, level three, each got a little darker as the light from the skylights above did not penetrate the total darkness below, and budget cuts reduced the amount of lighting in the lower levels to a minimum. “Level seven, section C damn, grabbing the flashlight and the gun he began walking across the cement floor. Sounds of water dripping and rats scurrying through the puddles made him edgy, a heavy exhale made him stop.

“Hello…is there anyone down here?” He brought the gun up along with the flashlight and began to look around, his hands shook and the light bounced across the floor and on to the walls of the distance, another heavy exhale, followed by an awful smell. “Ugh what is that, it smells like wet dog down here” A scratching sound against the cement floor sent a chill up his spine, the hairs on his arms stood on end. Sweat began to pour down his face and the grip he had on the gun and the flashlight was as if he was holding on for dear life. He reached for his phone (two beeps) “Charlie you there?”

“Yeah, go ahead”

“I’m down here on level seven; I think there something down here”

“Stop worrying, it’s probably just rats”

A slight growl followed by a hiss caused him to jump, he quickly turned around his finger twitching on the trigger, the light flashed, “Ahhhh…uh a God damn cat”

“See I told you so, come on up Doris is here with the donuts and if you don’t hurry they might be gone”

Trying to laugh it off “Roger that coming up”. The cat hissed again loudly then ran away; a sense of relief came over him as he relaxed momentarily. “I don’t get paid enough for this kind of stress”. Putting the phone back in his case, he turned around to continue towards the stairs. The light from the flashlight stopped only a few feet in front of him. A large object now stood in his way, a weary feeling filled the pit of his stomach as he brought the light up, and the object now had arms and legs standing about eight feet tall covered in a fur. A look of shear fright came over him his eyes became bright white; his skin began to fade of color as he pointed the light to the creatures face. The light reflected off its eyes, like a mirror giving them a glowing effect although he did not notice after stopping to look at the two inch fangs that protruded from its mouth. Reaching down for the phone “Ch…ar...lie… a War…Wo…lf do..wn here…”he stuttered and though he tried he could not get the words to come out. Bringing his gun up the creature growled, saliva flew from his mouth he flexed his might and attacked, one swipe across the throat dropped the guard, and the gun discharged once and bounced of the cement. Blood pooled around his body.

“Enough he is dead, come me must move quickly”.

To be continued…