Sept 13, 2004

(posted Sunday, November 21, 2004)

September 13, 2004

Deer diary,

As you know, I sent my application to join those sophistimacated (did I spell that right?) European fraternity. It turns out they're not columnists for People magazine, but Communists who fight for the people and stuff. I did a little research and I found out that hippies live in communes, so that explains why they're all into classic rock. I know they're a fraternity though, because they all (well except PB, er... General PB) use those funky Greek letters or whatever, and they always talk about the party, so I guess they're planning a really big one.

I got to meet a few of them today. There was Ursa Minor, the girl I saw on TV that one time, as well as a guy called Kos... umm Kost... well he's in my cell phone so I can check later. ANYWAY, it was really cute how they speak english so bad (although you can abrely tell any of them have an accent for some reason). Like they keep calling John Lennon "Vladimir Lenin" (I guess Vladimir means John in Russian), but it was my first day so I was polite and didn't correct anyone. Oh! And I made a new friend, People's Blade. She's SO cute! Everyone calls her General, and they told me to do the same. They're probably a little scared of her because she puts on a cold front (oh my god, like I just made a weather pun!), kinda like that one waitress at the Hungry Dragon who everyone doesn't tip (except me, because I'm so sweet), but under all that business I know there's a wild girl aching to get out and party! I don't care HOW serious you try to look when you're wearing so darn little! I think I'll take her shopping one of these days. Maybe have a girl's night out with Ursa Minor!

Oh so anyway, General PB took me out for a test drive, so to speak. Kostipoo was worried about me getting hurt and I kinda lost my temper because I thought he didn't want me to go with them. But then I showed off my pom poms and we beat the living tar out of some of those Tsoo guys, like the ones that hang out at the Hungry Dragon all the time in Steel Canyon? Man I gotta order some takeout hang on diary...

Ok I'm back. So long story short, they're letting me into the superfrat! And cousin Cindy almost ruined it! AAARGH! I'm gonna kill her at the next family reunion. She shows up and I'm all like, "Hey Cindy, what's up?" you know all polite and stuff? And that bitch takes off her top! In front of everyone! Kosty turned beet red! Can you believe it? I was SO mortified! Oh, I gotta go diary. Food's here.

Buh Bye!