The Beginning

From the Story Arc: Radoslav: The Chronicles of Agn Stratonik

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(posted Tuesday, November 30, 2004)

I opened my eyes. My vision was fuzzy and it felt like I couldn’t open my right eye. My arms felt weird, too, like I couldn’t move them. I thought that I must have been dreaming or something. I heard a lady’s voice. Course and withered, like a rustling tree in the autumn wind. “What is your name little boy,” the voice said to me. “Agn,” I muttered, still unable to see whom I was talking to, my vision still obscured as if someone was holding a kaleidoscope to my eye. “We received a report of you in an alleyway, left for dead. A man was next to you, your father?” I felt panicked at hearing what she said. Was it not all a dream? Was it all real? If so, did that mean my father lay dead next to me in the alleyway and I left wallowing at Death’s door?

“Was your father wearing a tan trench coat, black hair…” She stopped because of me. I began crying, so much that I tried to get out of the bed I was in. I couldn’t move my damn arms and why was my vision so blurry? The lady soon told me that I was in a hospital. She was a nurse and I was still in Berlin. My father had taught me some German, so I was able to understand and respond accordingly. She told me that my arms were in casts. They had been burned so severely that the nerves were necrotic and I would no longer be able to use my arms again. No wonder the smell of burnt flesh was in the air. A pungent smell that I think only had been heightened now because of my loss of touch and partial sight. She told me that they doctors were going to amputate them, but they changed their minds when they realized a young boy waking up with no arms could cause that boy a massive heart attack. I was 13 years old at the time.

After a while, I regained my sight in my left eye. Why the hell didn’t my right eye work? “It is because you have lost sight in your right eye. The fire killed your sight.” She told me this as if she could read my mind. I felt anger rush into my body like a beach at high tide. For a short time, hate took me over and I was ready to exact my revenge by any means necessary. The nurse placed her hand on my head and looked me in the eye. “I know that look. Even with one eye, that look is still apparent. You may think that you don’t have anymore to loose, but there is always something else. Just ask yourself if that is what your father wanted. If so, then so be it. If not, make good of your life. You shall rise from the ashes, if you wish it so.” With that, she stood up and walked over to a television where other nurses and doctors stood watching the Berlin Wall fall.

For years, I had spent my life training and doing the right thing. Now, evil forces had taken that away from me. Revenge is not always the answer, but there are always other forms of seeing to justice. Six months later, my arms still in casts and I now wearing an eye patch, I returned to Moscow, my home. After a couple of weeks went by, I felt like it was not my home anymore. Too many memories of my father and my past cluttered my mind, making it extremely hard to even sleep at night. One day, I decided to leave and look for something new. My father had taught me Radoslav, a Martial Art created by my grandfather, and the only thing that could bring me peace.

My father had left me a hefty inheritance, assuring that I would never have to worrying about all things financial for the rest of my life, if I were responsible enough. While reading the newspaper one day, I saw two things of interest: one was a Technological Aesthetics ad posted by a doctor capable of attaching cybernetic limbs and bindings to people so that they could have use of dead or amputated limbs again. The other was of a Grandmaster named Chung Po Wei, who lived in a secluded temple West of China. He was extremely well-known and my father spoke of him once or twice. I knew what path I had to take.

I visited Doctor Nikolei Grubetschev in Moscow, who placed cybernetic castings around my arms, attaching the dead nerves to the castings and bringing my arms to life again. I was simply amazed and am still amazed to this day. I then sold my father’s home, packed everything I had and headed west, in search of the man who might help me find myself…

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