CCCP Recruitment To Cease. Red Brigade to begin!

(posted Friday, June 11, 2004)

Comrades. CCCP has swelled like pride to be massive army for correctness. Is very good. Proud day. However, CCCP doctrine states that there can be no more than 36 members of team. More than 36 violates doctrine, which is in place for good reason, lost to time.

Consequently, we have discussed with Commissars Red Saviour and Mojiotok. Result is creation of new branch of CCCP, Red Brigade. Will include new recruits and auxiliary members. Can only have 36 as well. Is doctrine. We promote American member Free Radical to be founding Commissar. She likes writing pamphlets, she will be natural for paperwork and forms. All CCCP Commissars also responsible for Red Brigade paperwork and forms.

Cease all recruitment activity for CCCP. Any new prospects are to be considered for Red Brigade.

Assign training duties to current CCCP members, so that Red Brigade members can perform in field in accordance to policies and standards.

American media friendly logo is included. Add to recruiting materials.

Worker's Champion