The Lab Part 2

From the Story Arc: The Arrest

Previous Story in the Arc: At the Lab by Khrushchev (Thursday, November 18, 2004)

(posted Thursday, December 02, 2004)

“God these are good, man where is that kid?” he mumbled as a managed to fit the better portion of a donut into his mouth, “If he’s not back soon these are all going to be gone”

“Didn’t you just have breakfast?” Doris looked puzzled as he grabbed for another donut.

“Yeah so?”

“Well it’s so wonderful to see a man of advancing age throwing caution to the wind like that; don’t you worry about cholesterol, being fat? How is it your still hungry?”

“Since when do you have to be hungry to eat a donut?” Stuffing the whole donut into his mouth, it appeared he wouldn’t be able to even chew.

“That’s just gross, . Well I must be going, good luck with your health, oh and by the way if you can stop chewing long enough to breath your screen there is blinking”

“Humph?” He tried to say as white powder spit from his mouth.

“Your display is blinking red, looks important to me”

“Computer… a dipl.. of Off..icer 93..4” trying to swallow the donut.

“Please repeat; question was UN recognizable"

“Computer please give me a status of Officer 934”

“Officer is not responding, his gun has been discharged once”

“Damn…” pressing down on the keypad “Kid you there…...” no response, only static could be heard through the speaker.

“Hey I’m heading down to sub parking level 7, not getting a response from officer 934 be back in a moment, oh yeah and these here are mine, so don’t touch them!”

Chapter 2

“Here this is the spot directly behind Khrushchev’s cell begin drilling”. A large MK unit type two brought his arm forward, its gun replaced with a drilling bit; it began boring a whole into the side of the wall. “This won’t be large enough to pass through”. “Of course it won’t, don’t be stupid; however it is large enough to plant an explosive, one large enough to rip through this wall.”

Back Inside

“Here Detective this should get you down to that level, I don’t know the guard situation at this time of day but you might catch them during shifts.”

“Thanks Tom, I’ll be careful”

Meanwhile back in the garage Charlie made his way down to the 7th level. “Oh man the kid wasn’t kidding it smells down, here” Shinning his flashlight he began patrolling for his partner. “Kid you there...Can you hear me?” His voice echoed through the parking garage, nothing silence minus the occasional dripping of water hitting the floor. Ahead he could make out what look to be the detectives car, something was lying near the side. Making his way cautiously towards the car he reached for his gun and lined it up with the flashlight. “A hand…” he thought to himself but played it off as nothing. “Ok whose ever there, I am armed and not afraid to shoot”. He continued to approach slowly, moving around the front of the car until he could see, who ever it is was lying face down, and a pool of blood seemed to becoming from the head.

“What the hell is going on here?” Scared now beyond belief he realized his worst fears were true, leaning down he could see it was his partner, eyes open. “Kid…” he put the gun down and then the flashlight pointing it towards the body, reaching and using all of his strength he attempted to flip the body over. Lifting upwards the body turned over but the head stayed in the same place, the neck broken, throat gauged out. “Oh God…Oh Jesus Christ…” he jumped back covering his mouth, as hard as he tried he couldn’t hold it in and began to vomit profusely. After a few minutes he was able to regain his composure long enough to wipe the excess from his mouth. Using the flashlight as a stick he reached forward to bring his gun back to him, shaking violently, he tried to use his radio to contact help. “I need as many men as I can down here on level seven immediately.” Talking in a frantic pace, words kept coming out but made no sense to whoever would be listening.

“Hey Charlie slow down, what’s going on?”

“Get someone down here now! I have an officer down”

“Were sending a drone and two officers and medics”

“Hurry, I don’t know if I am alone down here”

“Alright come down what going on?”

“Looking down brought back the queasiness in his stomach, trying hard to fight back the need to throw up, “His head….oh God…his neck is ….”

“What…is it broken, come on Charlie I need your help here, I can help you until the medical team gets there to help him.”

“You can’t help, I can’t help….”

“What…give me some more information about his condition”

“His condition….his condition is that his head is no longer with his body, something killed him.

To be continued.