File on the Czarist

(posted Sunday, December 05, 2004)


Real Name: Eniar Stukoff

Born: 1889 Siberia Russia

Eniar was the son of peasants; He joined the Military at the young age of 16. His Size and Strength already suggested something special about him. The reports that where found out about him suggest that he was able to lift well over 3 tons at the age of 16 the village noted that Eniar Saved the life of one of his family at village mill. They where putting a new mill stone in place. During the work that was being done the supports that was holding the rigging gave way and pined Eniar Bother under the millstone. One of the main supports that was keeping the mill stone from crushing him. It seem that this was the event that triggered Eniar’s powers. A normal Mill stone at this time had a weight of well of 2 tons. Eniar’s military career was a quick one with this size and strength he was selected by the Czar himself to be a personal palace guard. After saving and aids life in the uprisings if 1905. In service of the Romanovs Eniar was given great respect and honor. In the fall of 1916 saw Eniar in Paris with one of the cousins of the Czar for holiday. In 1917 the revolution happened, Eniar tried to get back to the palace to serve the Czar, his efforts where to late. By the Time Eniar had reached Moscow he heard the news that the Czar and his family had been killed. Eniar having nowhere to turn went home to his village just find that it had been destroyed during the revolution. His family and friends had been whipped out.

After returning to Paris Eniar changed his name to the Czarist to honor the fallen czar. Over the next 20 years the Czarist was in may plots to return Czar’s rule to Mother Russia. In 1921 working in Germany had met the new Leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi Party) Adolph Hitler. The Czarist began working closely with the Nazi party on many issues. Over time The Czarist was given a place as one of Adolph Hitler personal advisors he worked quietly behind the front of the party advancing Hitler on the best course of action in affairs within regards to Communist Russia. In 1941 with advice from the Czarist Adolph Hitler declared war on Russia. The Czarist had convinced the Furor that by returning the Czar to the throne that German would have an Allie that it needed to defeat Great Britain and secure the future that Adolph Hitler had promised his people. Little did the Czarist know that the American government had been helping the Russians by providing them supplies and war materials that they needed to keep their hopes of not being concurred by the Germans alive. After the fall of Berlin to the Russians The Czarist went into hiding his current whereabouts are unknown to us at this time, but he is considered a threat to the people of Mother Russia In resent months a number is KGB agents have gone missing. This agents where working on discovering the whereabouts of the Czarist. With the resent fall of the Berlin wall my resources for my department are spread thin though out the Europe. I will pool what resource I can on this but I feel that matter is not of that much urgency.
Signed Kriuchkov head of KGB

Personal memo from Red-Star Comrades The Czarist has returned. For the past 10 years since the fall of Communism from Mother Russia The Czarist has been working with the Russian Mafia to secure a power pass for himself he is involved in illegal arms trade and Drugs to raise the capital that he needs to fund his organization. My contacts in the American Russian Mafia (many of which are some of the old hard line generals that have found themselves out of a Job with the coming of the new Russian government) have confirmed my rumors I have heard he is now in the process of being a Hero in the public eye and working quietly behind the scenes to secure his power base here in Paragon City. Some of his resent trips has had him traveling freely back into Mother Russia to pay back some old debts as one of the Russian Mafia has put it. It would be safe to say that I believe that he may have in someway been involved in the death of the Workers Champion the following Photos where taking about some of my contacts men. The Evidence I have provided here should prove that this person the Czarist is a threat to us and to the good people of paragon. Red Star out.