Journal Entry #801: The Beginning

From the Story Arc: Gremlin's War Journal

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(posted Sunday, December 19, 2004)

It was a long time ago. 1969 in fact. Back in my home of Leningrad, I lead a life that was highly dangerous. By the age of 14 I was in a gang. I was known to the locals as a street tough. The only person who believed I had a good heart was my younger brother, Vladimir. Vladimir looked up to me and wanted to join me on my daily life of pick-pocketing, getting into fights, and causing trouble. I did not want my younger brother to get too involved with my gang buddies. I knew Vlad was smart, and that he should concentrate on his studies. But one day, in my 16th year, I was introduced to something that would change my life forever. A friend and fellow gang member had a new drug, one that would make them the most powerful bunch of street toughs in Leningrad. The name of the drug was Superadine. I began to take the drug every once in awhile at first, but soon I had become addicted. I stole, begged, and did anything to get enough money to be able to score a hit. The drug had done what was promised. I grew bigger, stronger. I did not notice at first, but the drug began to mutate me, change me. My ears began to grow pointy, like an elfs. My skin also, began to turn a sickly shade of green. But I did not care about my outward appearance. In fact, I enjoyed that it made others more scared of me. The better to rise to the top of my gang! After becoming the leader of the gang, the members of rival gangs gave me a nickname. I looked like the fearsome Gremlins of children's fairy tales, and that would become my moniker. It was at this point, when I was 18, that my younger brother came to me and wanted a full position in the gang. I was looking for a closer relationship with my brother, and I reluctantly let him into the group, and also gave him his first dose of Superadine. Soon the Brothers Grim, as they were known throughout Leningrad, were wreaking havoc all across the surrounding countryside. All was going well, until Vladimir took an overdose of Superadine. He died in my arms, becoming a pile of gelatinous goo. So furious was I, that I went after the people who had sold him the Superadine in the first place. I destroyed factories, took out drug dealers, and went after anyone who had any connection to the drug. By this time though, I was horribly addicted to the drug. I tried to go cold turkey, and succeeded. But my rage from his brothers death drove me to try to O.D. on the drug as well. Instead of dying, fate had a crueler twist in store for me. I developed horrible Spines, odd bones which sprouted from my body! This, along with a regenerative power, made me into some kind of super being. I decided I would use this curse to show others the horror of Superadine. I would use my newfound "powers" to stop more Superadine from ever being created! To do so I had to leave Mother Russia and travel to the states, more specifically, to Paragon City. I had found out that the drug was being manufactured by a group called the Trolls. They had been turning out the drug for years, becoming the same abominations he had. I would stop this group at all costs, for my brother, for myself, for Russia.

After getting to the states I agin went cold turkey from Superadine. This time I managed to stay off the drug with my friends in the CCCP's help. I have been fighting much in the Hollows, due to the heavy amount of Troll activity there. I have also met a kindred spirit in Julious the Troll. I believe he and I can work together to stop the spread of Superadine in the Hollows once and for all.

Viktor Fedorov aka The Kremlin Gremlin