The Belief of Child A Christmas Story

(posted Wednesday, December 22, 2004)


Reds-Star had been wandering all day in King’s Row. It is his day off and the thought of him loosing another home was almost too much to think about. It was something that Comrade Red Savoir had said about him not being one of the team. Because he believed the season of Christmas like his father had taught him. Such blind hate for a single wonderful holiday was almost too much to handle. When she insulting him calling him a spy for the Czarist his most hated enemy he thought that it was going to go into a rage and rip Red Savoir’s arms off and beat her with them. He thought how strong she is and knows that he would have not gotten far, but the idea of chocking the life out of her made him smile a little. Red Savoir was a hard leader and quick to anger, but Red-Star had seen her softer side as well. Maybe it was that she did not want to show any emotion that could be thought of as weakness. Red-Star did not have the answer, only Red Savoir knew her own heart. Red-Star knew that his time because of his beliefs was going to be a challenge in the future. “I have lost to much. To many family and friends I have let go because of things out of my control.” “I have grown to care for this folks as my own family, and just because one member of the team does not see the wonder of this season I will have to leave. To hell with here and her ass backward ideals. I am a child of Perestroika, a proud son of Mother Russian. And I believe in the ideas of our Russian Fathers and the Motherland. No one not even the Red Savoir can take that from me. I know the only course of action is to leave the team, but it will be hard to start over again. Damn you uncaring Bitch.” Red-Star had a revelation. That because he cared may be he was more like his American counter part. Deep down even with all of the genetic tinkering that the scientist did to him, they could not take away all of the Statesman’s qualities he shared. Justice, Truth, Strength, and Honor even caring about the small things in life. Just last week he had saved a little girls kitten from a tree. The joy on her face, to see her smile made him warm all over. Here in paragon city he was a hero for the people not a weapon being used by the state. Red-Star stops and sees a picture of the Statesman on the front of Newsweek. “Interesting my friend maybe I am more like you than I have thought. All of my life I was raised to hate you. The day we met I was going to plant you into the ground and show the superiority of Russian Might.”

As Red-Star pikes up the Newsweek and pays the clerk he begins to walk down the street. Red-Star walks for several blocks and comes upon a robbery in progress. A few hundred yards away a gang of Skulls are robbing one of the many orphanage that have opened up since after the Rikti Invasion. Red-Star looks around for some of the younger heroes or the police to take care of this matter. No one is responding to the calls of help from children and Orphanage Director. Red-Star thinks to him self “As always this younger snot nose punks are off fighting the forces of evil and making a name for themselves, and NOT taking care of the folks who matter”. Red-Star moves into action. In a flash, he is on top of the first 2 Skulls that is standing in the doorway. A quick blow to the side of the head of one of them, and a jab to the stomach to the other and both of them are down on the ground. As Red-Star moves into the building he can see that one Skulls has the children lined up against the wall. The rest of his crew is in the kitchen in the back stealing food for there hideout. As Star moves on the one skull that is keeping an eye on the children. He sees Red-Star and is about to cry out for help. Star is on him with speed he did not know he poses. A quick blow to the midsection sends the skull crimpled to the floor. Before the children can turn around hand cheer Red-Star places one finger to his lip and makes a hushing sound. The Director comes over and whispers to Star. “Thank God you came, there are about 10 more in the kitchen. I had the kids here in the common area reading a story to them when the skulls broke in and lined us up against the wall. They said that they where here just for the food and said that no one would get hurt. What types of monsters steal food from an orphanage?” Star looks at the director and responds. “I am not knowing sir, but I want you to get the children out. Get them across the street and call for the police I will deal with this scumbags. No matter what you here do not come back in till I come out. “. As the Orphanage director get the kids across the street he can hear a lot of shouting coming from the inside the building. With the kids safe he begins to call the paragon city police department as he hangs the phone up the last of the skulls comes running out of the orphanage running in pure terror. A moment later Red-Star is standing at the doorway watching the Skull run. The Director yells at him that he is getting away. Red-Star puts his finger in the air giving the sign of give me one second. At about 100 away from the door the skull is now in a full run. Red-Star throws a can of Soup he has gotten from the kitchen. It flies strength and true hitting the skull in the back of the head. The thief crumples down in a lump if flesh on to the sidewalk. The kids erupt in a cry of joy and pure delight.

The Children run across the street to get to their new hero of the day. The Director comes up and begins speaking. “Thank you so much how can we repay you Red-Star.” Star looks at the Director with wonder. “How do you know who I am, I am in street cloths. I did not think anyone knew me as of yet.” The director a little taken back looks at Star and responses “You are well known here Red-Star, many of the children here are from little Russia here in paragon. A lot of them look up to you and the CCCP. It was little Natasha over there that told me who you where when we had gotten outside.” Red-Star can feel a tug on his pants. As he looks down he is looking into the eyes of a little 5 year old girl with Blue eyes “You must be Little Natasha” The Little girl looks in wonder at one of her favorite heroes “Yes I am.” Red-Star goes down and scoops up the small child in his powerful arms. “Did the bad men scare you my little one.”

“Yup, till you arrived, then as we where leaving the building I told the Director who you where and I knew you would make it all better”

Red-Star looking into the eyes of the child “I am Glade I could help my little one”

“I want to grow up and be big and strong like you and Red Savoir, since I lost my Mommy and Daddy, can you and Reds Savoir and the CCCP come and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us. You can read us stories and we can open present together.”

Before Red-Star can responds the director of the orphanage speaks up “Natasha I am sure that the CCCP would love to come darling, but they are a very important team they have work to do in the city. I am Sorry Red-Star. I did not know she was going to ask you that”

Red-Star can see the disappointment in her eyes. And the tears beginning to swell up in this big blue eyes. Red-Star’s heart is touched. “Tell you what my little babushka, I will ask if my comrades from the CCCP can come and spend the those days with you and your friends here. I know that I will be here.“ Little Natasha looks into the eyes of her hero and gives him a hung. Red-Star can see the joy that this child eyes. Red-Star puts down Natasha and knees down near her. “I will see you in a few days little one” As red-Star gets up the director speaks up again “I understand if you do not come back. You are a hero with a lot of other things to do. I will explain to her you where busy” As the director and Red-Star watch, They see Natasha playing with her friends telling them of the up coming visit that Red-Star ad promised her. “No Comrade I did not lie I will be there for her and your children.” “If you will excuse me I must now go.” Red-Star gives the Director his card “ If you and the Children need anything at all let me know”

“Red-Star you have already done more than most of the other heroes in this city would do you made a promise that will bring more joy to this children than any trinket or toy could. You have given them hope”

“Thank you comrade I will see you in a few days. Till then take care”

“Thank you Red-Star”

As Red-Star heads out the doors of the orphanage the Paragon PD has arrived and are cleaning up the skulls. About 20 feet from the door a voice calls to Red-Star. “Pryvt comrade Star.” Star turns around expecting to see one of the CCCP. “Pryvt comrade” Red-Star responds. Shock takes over Red-Star’s face. He is looking into the face of the Statesman himself.

Red-Star “How do you know my name.”

“I know a lot about out Red-Star, I have been wanting to meet you for some time.”


“To see how much you are like, and just to talk. You see Red-Star. Ever since you walked off that boat in Independence port I have been watching you. Wanted to see that you did not become something I would have to stop later.”

“Your expected me to become a villain, I am impressed you think you are the only one that is all high and mighty.”

“No, No Red-Star your missing the point I knew of your creation a few months after you where created. I knew about the Scientist that you called your father. I knew you would turn out a force for good.”

“What did you know about my father?”

“I had met him long ago in Germany just after the Russians had defeated Hitler’s Army. He was studying some of the experiments the Germans had been working on in Berlin. He was a good man and a good heart.”

“Yes he was.”

“I heard what you did for those kids, I just wanted to say I was proud of you. Look no matter what happens with you here in Paragon City You have a friend in me.”

The Statesmen offers his hand to Red-Star. Red-Star looks at the Statesmen’s hand, and shacks it. “Thank you”

Statesmen “Hey no Problem. I will see you later Red-Star”

The Statesmen takes flight heading off for some mission that will place his life on the line for the people of the city. Red-Star begins to walk back to the tram. Today has been interesting. With what he has learned today the faith of a child can change a heart.

Merry Christmas all.

Comrade Red-Star