Entry 1225: Gremlin Saves Christmas

From the Story Arc: Gremlin's War Journal

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(posted Friday, December 24, 2004)

After a lengthy battle with the Freakshow, CCCP heroes The People’s Blade, Carpathia, and The Kremlin Gremlin have been captured. They awaken chained up and hanging in front of the head of the gang…

“Ah I see you are awake.”

Slowly, Kremlin Gremlin’s eyes open to a disturbing sight.

“Well now that you’re all awake, I might as well divulge our plan, since that’s what all criminal geniuses do.” The Freak begins to pace around the metal platform in front of our chained up heroes.
“I guess introductions are in order, I am Juicer Jim, welcome to my greatest victory!”
Jim motions behind him and another freak hits the lights. A bunch of employees are tied up at one end of the warehouse, under surveillance of course. The rest of the Freaks are busy bringing in large bags of some kind of substance. Large vats surround our heroes and a sweet smell permeates the air.
“Paragon City is going to get a lovely surprise from us for Christmas!”

“What are you up to fiend!” exclaimed People’s Blade.

“It’s quite simple,” says Jim, “We have taken over this candy factory that produces the majority of chocolates for the holiday season.” “We plan to poison it!”

“You’ll never get away with this,” says Carpathia as she struggles in her bonds.

“Oh, but we already have! Even now my freak army is bringing in the poison to put in these vats. All we have to do first is get rid of you three meddlers.”
“Hmmmm.” Jim rubs his chin and continues to pace. “Who shall be first?” He stops in front of Gremlin.
“Maybe I’ll start with the Christmas elf”
Gremlin spits right in Juicer Jims’ face. Jim takes out a hanky and wipes it away.
“Manners, alright then let’s just start with the tall one.”
Jim grabs Carpathia’s arm and pulls her towards a vat.

“Let her go!” screams People’s Blade.
Jim gives Carpathia a little push and she comes to a stop over a large vat.
“Well maybe I will, if you tell me where the CCCP’s hidden base is located!” exclaims Jim.

“Never.” Fei Li shuts her eyes and looks away.

“Fine, maybe you’ll be more loose lipped after I dip your friend into this vat of steaming hot chocolate!” Jim motions to a Freak Stunner who throws a switch. Carpathia begins to slowly lower.

“WHAAAAAT!?” Both Gremlin and Fei Li are horrified. Fei Li looks at Gremlin.
“Did you put Freakshow up to this?”

“Of course not General, is strange coincidence!”

“Mwa hahahaha, feel like talking yet?” laughs Jim.

“Guys do something!” screams Carpathia.

The Gremlin looked at Carpathia, being helplessly lowered into a vat of steaming hot chocolate and began to get mad. More than mad. Angry! VERY ANGRY!
Gremlin began to protest against his bonds, the chains starting to creak.

“Gremlin?” asked Fei Li .


“What the..?” said Jim as he turned his attention to the struggling Gremlin. Gremlin’s chains broke all at once, and he was free.

And what happened then? Well in Paragon they say,
That the Gremlin’s small heart
grew three sizes that day.
And the minute his heart didn’t feel quite so tight,
He ran towards Jim, and gave him quite a fright!

“RWAAAARRR!!” Gremlins spines exploded from his body, but he saved one on his arm especially for Jim. He impaled Jim right on the spike, taking him out instantly. The rest of the Freaks began to rally and stormed the platform.

“Gremlin! Cut me loose!” exclaimed Fei Li . Gremlin shot a large spike at the chains, cutting down Fei Li . She shook off the other chains and drew her sword.
“You get Car, I’ll take care of these goons!” Fei Li said as she cut through the first wave of Freaks.

“Hold on Carpathia, Gremlin will save you!” Gremlin jumped onto Carpathia.

“How does this help, you big green moron!?” said a visibly angry Carpathia.

“Um, I dunno, I didn’t think out plan,” Gremlin said as the chain holding Carpathia in the air began to break.
The chain broke and both heroes began to plunge into the vat. Gremlin used his fearsome strength to toss Carpathia safely onto the platform. Gremlin though, was not as luckily. He plunged into the liquid hot chocolate.
Gremlin floundered and splashed around in the chocolate.
“Help! I am being covered in sugary goodness!”
Carpathia thought hard about what to do. Should she jump in and rescue him, giving in to one of Gremlins’ crazy fantasies? Luckily, Fei Li made the decision for her.

“Car! Get over here and help me with these Freaks! Gremlin can take care of himself.
La di!”

“Da General!” Carpathia ran over to help Fei Li .

“Hey, what about me!!” screamed Gremlin.


When the dust settled all the Freaks had been captured and the candy saved. The authorities were on their way. Gremlin had finally managed to climb out of the vat by himself.

“Another victory for People’s Blade!” said Fei Li as she cleaned the blood and chocolate from her sword. Carpathia looked sheepishly at Gremlin.

“Thank you for saving me Comrade”

“Is not problem,” said a chocolate-covered Gremlin. “Now, who is going to lick Gremlin clean?”

Carpathia and Fei Li looked at each other. Then back at Gremlin. They raised their arms.

Gremlin ran all the way back to CCP headquarters being chased by two angry women all the way.

By Ross with special thanks to Dr. Seuss