Synapse Task Force Undertaken by CCCP Heroes

(posted Wednesday, June 23, 2004)


I have received word that captialist drone Synapse has sent out call for heroes to combat Clockwork actions in Paragon City. CCCP could help to combat this tide of lawlessness in furtherance of Operation: Minds and Hearts!

Know that I, along with some comrades, have measured respect for clockworks in their attempt to seize control of production in furtherance of creation of a collective. Additionally, their work-ethic stands in strong contrast to average cubicle-penned slacker Amerikantsii. However, Clockwork assaults upon citizenry have escalated, and rumors are that they are centrally controlled by greedy dictator - treated like Muzhik peons by Czar!

These things give to spirit of Collectivism bad name, and all heroes invested in championing of Socialism must to work to stop this.

This Task Force will take the combined energies of senior members of CCCP over several days, and will very possibly result in deaths.  Hail those who fal in service to the people!

Current roster:

Red Menace (SL 20)
Mojiotok (SL 20)
Soviette (SL 17)
Bering Strait (SL 17)
5 Year Plan (SL 18)
Zhech (SL ?)
Petrograd (SL ?)
ICBM (SL 17)

Current slated time:

Sunday, June 27,
3:00 PM EST
2:00 PM Central
1:00 PM Mountain
12:00 Noon Pacific

Comrades are strongly encoursged to progress as near to Security Level 21 as possible - like decadent Amerikantsi game show says - without going over, as imperialist petty rules prohibit those of Security Levels 22 and higher.

Please to provide feedback, comrades.