First Day on the Job

From the Story Arc: Radoslav: The Chronicles of Agn Stratonik

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(posted Monday, December 27, 2004)

I visited the Icon tailor for a uniform the following day after I arrived in Paragon City. The head tailor was a man named Serge. He had short, black hair and wore a nice tuxedo, but had this habit of touching me too much. He kept asking me to “Get my measurements,” but when he asked the 10th time I politely told him to “Go and get my mother f***ing suit now before I pop your prissy head like a pimple.” He hurriedly walked off after sighing heavily and strutted away like a supermodel on a catwalk. “I hope all American men aren’t like this,” I thought to myself. Serge gave me my suit, I paid him then I left.

I returned to my hotel room and tried on the suit. It was form-fitting, but comfortable, like a ninja’s threads. It allowed for full range of motion, unobstructed by big, bulky material that, I saw, was common among Heroes around Paragon City. I had sparring cloth tape that I carried with me in huge abundances. I wrapped it around my hands and wrists, like gloves, and around my legs and feet, like boots. It was soft like cloth, but was very adhesive and even though it offered little protection, I didn’t need it. My body is a weapon of it’s own that needs little defense. The tape offers more flexibility, also, and its light weight makes for quick, decisive strikes to the enemy. I also placed on a beret that I had earned from my service in the Chinese Army. The beret is and always will be a sign of accomplishment…something that is earned and a person must continue earning all his/her life.

I looked into a full-length mirror on a wall in my room and gazed upon myself. The suit was red and black, with a yellow star in the middle surrounded by a circle of other yellow stars. These colors were that of the Soviet Union, colors I was to wear proudly. I smiled then set out to the streets to begin my work as a Hero by earning that title. I read in the newspaper that thugs known as Hellions were causing trouble. A rival gang of the Hellion, know as the Skulls, were doing the same. Gang affiliation matters not to me. “I’ll bust all of their heads in,” I muttered with a smile. I began running on the sidewalks and eyeing parks and alleyways for signs of violence. I hadn’t received a full brief on all that I should have, but that was of little consequence to me.

All this running reminded me of the marches I did during my days in the service. Marching 10 miles up a hill with a 50lb. ruck was a definite task, but it made me stronger. I soon was stopped by another newly arrived Hero. “HI,” the Hero yelled with a huge smile. “Hello,” I said with a confused look on my face. “Nuclear Static’s mah name and Energy blasting’s mah game,” he shouted as he aimed for a streetlight post and blasted it out of the ground. “This must be a 9 year old,” I thought to myself.

“Is pleasure to meet you Nuclear Static. My name is Agn…Agn Stratonik.” He gave me a confused look then asked, “Is that your Hero name?” “Yes.” “That’s the coolest name you could have come up with?” “It’s my real name, comrade.” “Ahhh…heeyyy, but wait. Aren’t you afraid someone might find out your “secret identity.” “Comrade,” I began as I walked closer to him, “I do not have a ‘secret identity.’ When I am kicking the ass of villains I want them to know who did it and to show them that if they attempted to attack me, or my personal life that they’d be wishing for death. Understood?” “Ooohhh…you’re crazy! Have a nice day!” He ran off with his arms extended like an airplane’s wings and he made airplane sounds, too. “Maybe it’s the water,” I thought to myself.

I began looking again and soon heard a scream. “HELP ME, PLEASE SOMEONE,” rang through the air like church bells. I ran to the location of the scream and found a young lady being mugged by three thugs wearing red and black. “I suppose you are the Hellions, am I being correct in thinking so,” I asked as I crossed my arms and smirked. “Wow you’re perceptive, Mr. Spandex. And this is where your funeral is going to be!” The first, carrying a knife ran right into my foot, throat first. The second had a pistol. Dodging bullets at close proximity can be a pain, but it is manageable. The other was using a shotgun and without hesitation, he shot at me. I managed to grab the second assailant by the chest and neck and I pulled him in front of me so that he’d catch the buck shots for me with his back. “What a nice guy,” I thought. I threw his body at the third assailant and followed through with a spinning kick to his face as he attempted to turn and run. All three were down for the count, but there was no referee needed.

“Thank you so much,” the young lady shouted and grabbed my hand holding it to her face. I shrugged then said, “I am just doing my job, comrade.” "What is your name?" "Agn Stratonik," I slowly said, smiling at what i had just done. "Take care of yourself." “I will,” she shouted as I ran off to start more trouble in the world of Paragon’s criminals.

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