Entry # 1401: Who's Da Boss?

From the Story Arc: Gremlin's War Journal

Previous Story in the Arc: Entry 1225: Gremlin Saves Christmas by Kremlin Gremlin (Friday, December 24, 2004)

(posted Wednesday, December 29, 2004)

“So Julius, what we do about Hollows?”

The Hero known as The Kremlin Gremlin had come a long way. He went from an addict to a savior of the people! But he needed to do more, and stopping the flow of Superadine was key. He has met with Julius the Troll to find out how against the Troll leaders he was. If he and Julius could team up, they would be one step closer to breaking the drug ring.

“Well Gremlin,”

“Please call me Viktor.”

“Alright then Viktor, we have been getting major reports that Trolls are not only ones responsible for Superadine.”

Viktor raised an eyebrow and stopped in mid-swig of his Vodka.

“What you mean, Julius?”

“Well sir, there is bad magicks in Hollows. Circle of Thorns are in south. I believe they have something to do with it.”

Viktor finished his vodka and thought.

“Hmmmm, bad magicks they make da? We shall investigate them. But first we need more help.”

“What about friends in your CCCP?”

“Da, they will help us. But Superadine purge is how you say, personal vendetta. First we must break Troll gangs up. They can lead us to Circle if they are indeed involved.
Julius, I need a list of all known small time Troll Superadine dealers. We start at bottom”

A few hours later on a street corner in Skyway City…

“You want Superadine?” asked Gorvard.

“Ummm, yeah, I just, don’t have a lot of money.” Fred rifled through his pockets. He had been addicted to Superadine for a month now. He had lost his job and his girlfriend was starting to ask too many questions. Money was low, and his need was high.

“How much you got?”

“Only $200 this week, is that enough?”

Gorvard sneered. “You think Super Powers come cheap? You know a prime hit worth more than that.”

“Well shit man, its all I got, I just, I need it man.”

“You come back with more money.” Gorvard dropped his cigarette butt and stomped it out. He turned to walk away. Just then, Fred got a little TOO desperate. He jumped Gorvard from behind and tried to wrestle the drugs from him.
“What you crazy?” grunted Gorvard. He flipped Fred over his back and put his boot right on his throat. “Last mistake you make.” Gorvard pulled out a sawed-off shotgun from his leather jacket. He aimed it at Fred’s’ head.

“Wrong, is last mistake YOU will ever make.”

Gorvard looked around. Who dared to challenge him on HIS corner? “Who is out there?”

Out of the shadows stepped a very burly man. Dressed in black leather with a large red and yellow star on his chest. He looked menacingly at Gorvard.

“My name is The Kremlin Gremlin. I am here to stop Superadine from being pushed on streets. Let this man go.”

“You think you are tough? Let us see how tough you are!” Gorvard whistled and 3 more Trolls can out from the alley.

The Trolls all were hopped up on ‘dine. Their pain was dulled and they were ready for a fight.

Gremlin tied his headband a little tighter. “Showtime” he said.

Gremlin tensed every muscle in his body. To the surprise of Gorvard and his cronies large Spines began to protrude from his body. They dripped a green poison.
Gremlin roared and shot spines in all directions. The first two Trolls were hit and immobilized from the poison. The third Troll lost his courage and tried to run. Gremlin launched a large spine from his arm taking out the Troll before he could even get 2 feet away. All that was left was Gorvard.

Gorvard took his foot off of Fred. He spun around and fired a wall of buckshot right at the Gremlin. Gremlin took the shot right in the chest and went down. Gorvard laughed.

“Hehehe, you see Fred? No one challenges me!” He walked up to Gremlin ready to finish the deed. But once he got up to him he noticed that there was only a hole in his outfit. His skin had already healed from the gunshot wound! Gremlins’ eyes sprang open and he grabbed Gorvard by the foot. He pulled hard and Gorvard fell on his ass. Gremlin jumped up and kicked the gun away. Gorvard got up and threw a punch, which Gremlin caught.

Gremlin roared and smashed Gorvard into the brick wall. He extended a spine towards his head. Gremlin turned to Fred.

“Get out of here, clean up your life. And tell all your friends there is new Boss in town!”

Fred didn’t need to be told twice. He took off down the street.

“This is how it’s gonna be,” said Gremlin to Gorvard, “You and your “friends” work for me now. We are going to go and take down your supplier. You understand?”

“Yes” squeaked out Gorvard. Gremlin looked down to see that Gorvard had wet himself.

“Good, we start tomorrow.” He let Gorvard go, who quickly gasped letting the air come back into his lungs.

“One more thing,” said Gremlin, “NO MORE Superadine from now on, otherwise…”
Gremlin made a “kill motion” with the spine on his arm. Gorvard got the picture.

The next morning…

Julius had gone to meet Gremlin as he had requested in front of the Icon store. He wondered why Gremlin wanted to meet him there. A minute later he emerged from the store, dressed in a sharp grey suit.

“Viktor, why the new clothes?”

“If I am going to be Troll Boss, I must look like Boss. Come, we have much work to do…”